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BAD MOVIE PAGE: A bed that eats people who sleep in it? Death Bed (1977)

  1. invisiblemikey

    Thanks for telling me about this one. I never heard of it before!
    (Oh, and I just did a bad movies post too. WOO HOO!)

  2. heck yeah,balladeer i have to thank you again for this,love reading your reviews,so so glad your updating them,love reading them,cant wait to see this one as well !!

  3. that reminds me of that movie of the house that kills people; it involved a dollhouse in the attack or something.. and then the house would do things like chop your arm off in the garbage disposal (when you "of course" dropped your ring down the drain). o.O

  4. I wish I could find these on Netflix. Oh wait, I just did.


  5. InvisibleMikey: Glad I contributed one you never heard of! Plus I'll be by to check out your new Bad Movies post, too.

    Wingstruck: Thank you very much! You're always so supportive! And you know how I love sharing my enthusiasms!

    Appsterberry: Not sure I know the one you're mentioning. I'd love more details!

    CMHardin: You always bring the goods! I'm such a geek for these things I bought a DVD of Death Bed a few years ago, but it's great to know it can be found on Netflix!

  6. I try ;)

    I did try to find some the others without any luck. Netflix is a cornucopia of the weird, but alas, it sometimes fails to feed my need for the more exotic oddities.

    But, hey, that's what the REST of the internet is for ;)

  7. cmhardin: Yeah, I know what you mean. I long ago gave up on mainstream places .Heck, I'm surprised NetFlix had Death Bed.

  8. This is apretty funny blog man

  9. Thank you very much, thelastexplorer!

  10. Haha we have made this into a kinda thank everyone for support thread now
    kick ass !!
    balladeer no need to thank me,im on here anyway,and i always look forward to seeing threads from threads and bloggers i adore reading,differently a highlight of my day.Just giving credit where its due.
    We seem to have a few regulars now on the forums that we know so back and forth like this are more common,way better than having people post randomly and sporadic comments in my opinion,made this forum a bit more personal, knowing to look for certain names of bloggers on here who post regularly.
    Community atmosphere are quite pleasant,and now you get to hear back from your readers on here as well.

    Keep up the blogging guys

  11. Thanks! I know you said there's no need to thank you but I just wanted to say it.

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