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BAD MOVIE PAGE: Deafula (1975) - Easily one of the weirdest films ever!

  1. Here is the link to the post:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sparkly vampires? Angst-filled vampires?

    No! Deaf ones, FTW.

    Cool ;)

  3. Thanks for the comment, cmhardin. I was hoping you'd get into Deafula!

  4. You owe me over an hour of my life back lol....its was soo bad it turned genius,i dont know where your finding all these,but keep posting balladeer,my non conformist nature demands it lol.
    Keep up the reviews,and your blog is coming along nicely,allot of content,Congrats !!!
    reading back over vietnamese myths now

  5. Thank you for the nice comments, wingstruck! I really appreciate the encouragement. I get a lot of e-mails from women who are getting into the Vietnamese mythology page. I keep the comments on my myth and bad movie pages disabled to avoid disrupting the flow so I guess they figure e-mail is the best way to let me know.

  6. Awesome man.

    I have something that might be of intrest to you. Ireland made a Kung Fu movie back in the 1990's and it's as bad as it sounds. The link is on my page. I think you could have fun with it. You can watch the whole thing on youtube but it's tough going.

  7. Wow double threat balladeer,profound,intelligent,very well articulated,an avid blogger with a legion of female readers.well done !!!
    guess im calling the title as president of balladeers fan club now
    but seriously,thank you for this,Vietnamese myths translated are hard to come across,im trying to study Vietnamese,Cantonese,and chinese right now,and im extremely interests in myths like the ones you have posted.
    Keep them coming

    btw i do realise this is the bad movie segement...but as ive already commented on the video im pretty sure i can get off topic lol
    later balladeer

    Lastexplorer,just checking back in with your page now,
    Keep up the blogging guys.

  8. thelastexplorer: If the movie in question is Fatal Deviation it's one of the reviews I have had in the draft stage for a while now. I love the fact that you know that film and I also love the fact that you mention having a link to it! I'l lgo there just to watch it again. I agree that "tough going" is exactly what watching that movie is! Bourbon is about the only thing that can get you through it with a smile on your face.

    wingstruck: Wow, thanks for all the kind words! If Yi the archer is one of the Chinese myths you are into I plan on doing the lesser-known long form of his story on a separate page I will do just on various heroes from mythology where I don't plan on doing a page on their whole pantheon of deities.

    Thanks for commentin you guys! I'm on my way to your blogs now to get updated.

  9. Id love to read it,im sure you can find allot on him.Ive since failed to find a useful page translating site or scans of older books that include myths,been relying on campus texts.So much easier being able to read online.Thanks balladeer,i look forward to the new page.

  10. I hope you like the new pages. Plus since you're into far eastern culture here is a link to my list of the Top 10 Deities in Shinto Mythology if you're interested.

  11. Checking it out right now and bookmarking.
    Thanks for this balladeer,and yes i am, all the more reason to encourage
    and regularly comment on what you publish.
    wealth of information.Love reading them,looking forward to more

  12. Thanks, wingstruck! You should do motivational speaking! You're so good at making people feel energized and ready to write some more.

  13. Ive been told that before,somehow i dont see myself with a bullhorn at the top of a seminar though telling people to get up and get active in what they are talented in.
    I think ill stick to my online coaching of people.
    I can only encourage those whos works i myself enjoy,whos work i am interested in
    and your one of them.
    Everyone needs encouragement,acknowledgement of their accomplishments,if you put the work it,and someone benefits from it,you deserve encouragement to continue.
    Balladeer with you its your unique writing style,and your passionate interests in such broad and differing topics.
    I just so happen to have the same interests,know how hard it is to get the information you provide.Thus the motivation,youve earned it.

  14. Thank you again for always being so kind and supportive. It's a pleasure writing when the effort is appreciated, especially with the obscure topics I write about. With Bunyoro Myth the material I provide is so scarce on the internet that if you do a google search under "Bunyoro myth" my blog is the very first result you get! That reinforces my blog's motto "Singing the praises of things that slip through the cultural cracks".

    Looking forward to more of your "Tracks of the day"

  15. I checked out that link the-top-10-deities-in-shinto-mythology/ And I also enjoyed the pictures there. With all the work that I know is going into your research and translations, do you think there will ever come a time when you add some pictures to the myth pages?
    I have a reprint poster of a Japanese God slaying a demon (of sickness.) I'm not well versed about what all that's about (yet) but the picture is so powerful I want to learn all about the culture which produced it.

  16. I sure will be adding pictures to the mythology pages in the near future. Plus you're not the first person to mention wanting more Shinto myth info so I may wind up doing a whole page for it. Because of space considerations in the Top 10 list I did I omitted the bulk of the Izumo Cycle of myths and the full story of Ninigi's descendants and Toyota the daughter of the sea god Watatsumi. Whether the Shinto page will be a stand-alone page or one in which I mix in Ainu mythology as well is still up in the air.

    Thank you very much for commenting! My second Vietnamese Myth page is up now, too if you're interested.

  17. yes, I am interested. I'll go check check it out now. I love the weekend! I have time to read. Bye :)

  18. See what did i tell you,believe me it isnt for lack of trying to find the translated myths you publish,ive been looking now for a while online.
    That link you provided is an invaluable resource,ive been going through the site.
    Yes you are making sure these myths and cultural stories dont slip through the net.
    Im sure everyone can benefit from reading them.
    Allot of life lessons ive found in similar texts,the fact that some of them may indeed have transpired makes them all the more compelling to read.
    People need to get out of comfort zones when it comes to global cultures,they too have a value of information,knowledge and experiences,why not learn somehthine new.Keep it up,ill definately be reading them.

  19. Thanks again, Wingstruck! I'm thrilled there are people like you and lifewith4cats and the others who are enjoying these obscure myths that I think are just as fascinating as the mainstream myths from Greece, Rome and Egypt.

  20. I bet the day you posted your first myth, you had no idea it would bloom to such proportion.

    @wingtruck I agree with you so much about the rich world of cultures and pieces of wisdom that lie hidden there.

  21. That's the truth, lifewith4cats! I'm just very thrilled that other people are enjoying them so much.

    If you two are interested I just posted my Top Eleven Deities In Hawaiian Mythology. I will put the link in the separate thread I'm making for that particular post.

    Thank you both for being so supportive!

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