"Balloons" theme has balloons in front of text

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    Hi there!

    I’m using the “Balloons” theme and one of the balloons is covering my tagline. It’s only visible when the window is fairly wide – if I shrink down the width of my browser the balloons fall behind the text. Is there a way to have this fixed?


    Blog url: http://theboostproject.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is theboostproject.wordpress.com.


    Yes, I can see that too, with my browser.

    You might be able to achieve this with CSS customization but I’m not sure. And you’d have to have the CSS upgrade for it. Other than that, I’d suggest changing to a different theme.

    This has been marked for attention of staff, so I think you’ve just got to be patient.



    That is actually part of the theme. I suppose the designer didn’t have such a large tagline in mind when they made it.

    You could move them down with a Custom Design upgrade, but you might be happier with either a shorter tagline or a different theme.



    As macmanx pointed out, this is by design. The way the balloons are displayed won’t work the same way for all content obviously, but we think it loses some of the effect if we’d change that.

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