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ban blogs that only reblog content

  1. teresasilverthorn

    Excellent suggestions!

  2. Reblogging is ultimately just linking to someone else's blog posts, and you can't stop people from doing that (unless it's all they do). The issue seems to be with the amount and nature of the content that's being reproduced. Some people think it's fair use and others see it as a kind of plagiarism. Maybe the simplest solution would be to have a section in the Dashboard where you can set how many of your words get reposted -- say, from none (i.e. just the title) to the full post -- and whether or not your images get reposted.

  3. With respect to those who have other thoughts on reblogging and permissions for it, my original posting here on this thread - which started the thread - was about blogs that are set up specifically to reblog other people's posts. Not about reblogging per se. Anyone can reblog a post, anywhere, at any time with copy and paste. (And generally if you don't want your content to travel beyond your own blog you should not be putting it online in public in the first place.) That's not the issue. The issue is that something should be included in WordPress's terms of service that says that blogs which only publish reblogged material and none of their own material, should be regarded as spamming or similar.

    Now I'm going to mark this with 'Modlook' so that at least we'll be sure that staff will see it. I, for one, would like to have a response from one of them.

  4. Some blogs that have a lot of reblogged posts are spam, as they are trying to push readers to another URL or to an affiliate link. We do deal with those as needed.

    However, there are some blogs that have a large number of reblogged posts as they are run by users who do a lot of reading of other sites and want to share the good stuff they have found on with others. Those blogs are considered to be legitimate and in the vast majority of cases are going to prove to be beneficial to the originating content as they send readers and traffic back to the original.

  5. @catrymer - thanks for your reply. I'm glad you do deal with the spam ones. Sometimes I report them, never really knowing if any action is being taken or not.

    I don't have any problem with blogs that reblog posts as long as there are posts of their own too.

  6. @absurdoldbird
    No offense to intended to catrymer or anyone else but I think the tune I hear between the lines is the same old, same old ...
    ♫What every blogger wants is more traffic and follower, right?
    Well, that's what this is designed to do for you. ♫

    Boomers like you and I have tonnes of life experience and it includes cyber experience. In my offline life I don't march to a different drum. I am the drummer and I set the tune. I sense you may be the same, hence, ... well you can complete the rest ... just never let your sense of humor go on vacation now, you hear. ;)

  7. @TiTi... Never! ;)

  8. @absurdoldbird
    LOL :D

  9. i wish they dont? ahyst

  10. @catrymer I have a situation where someone is re-blogging most of my content and very little of anyone else's. They post very little original content. So their blog basically is my blog! I am not against re-blogging in principle. I also agree with original commenter that blogs which purely re-blog should not be allowed. But the situation I have outlined is about re-blogging etiquette really.

  11. I would suggest going to that blog and Report As Spam, giving exact details like links.

  12. I have not been overly concerned about this; however I have noticed that such blogs are useless even if one follows and likes them. I perhaps have too many followers now to investigate this too closely: however, when they come to my attention, I have been reporting them. I do notice that the most egregious of them do get banned or limited in some way after a few months.

    I also have used the reblog function; and I also do not like the way it looks, the way it removes formatting, the way there is little control of how it looks. I have, rather taken to using the "Blog this" control instead. The result looks much more aesthetically balanced and is completely customisable. Still, there are occations wherein I use the reblog simply because it is available in the reader, and I can type a short comment. I have three blogs and limit my reblogs and such to one only.

  13. yeah, that's good.

    wishing the wordpress would ban the re-blogger

  14. Oh dearie me.

    I have a reblog blog. Actually, I have two reblog blogs now, because I realised one of my 'normal' blogs had morphed into a reblog blog due to poor state-of-mind leading to diminished writing ability.

    The reblog blog is purely for sharing stuff from WP that doesn't fit into any of my other blog categories because there are tons of awesome posts out there on WP that deserve a far wider audience than they already have. The other blog started out as sociology and social policy oriented blog to catalogue stuff that I found during my research for my degree of the same subjects. However, due to the dodgy mental health issues, the degree's been failed, but the stuff that's being put on there is still based around those subjects, and so just yesterday I decided to officially rebrand it as a reblog blog for that subject material.

    Why do I reblog? Well it's certainly not to drive people my way, because all my way does is point out everyone else who's managing to write so much better than me. It's not about me as a blogger, but about those blogs I reblog. When I share something through a reblog, people who browse my interests/blogs/etc. are going to find those other bloggers.

    I'm confused as to why so many of you are so against these things, because all they do is point a wider audience to the reblogged posts.

    But yeah, yay for taking action on the truly spammy type.

  15. Because is a home for original blogging, not like Tumblr, which is an aggregator. We assume that anyone participating in the community to the extent of having a blog here will put their original thoughts on the line. Having a blog which consists solely of reblogs denigrates the platform to the level of a filing cabinet.

  16. And a filing cabinet filled with other people's stuff. :)

  17. I have one, on Tumblr. Since reblog-only blogs don't actually get wider exposure for existing posts (thanks to staff disabling the normal SEO-friendly features) there really isn't any point to them other than storage, and if storage is the only function, it's appropriate for them to be Private. In fact, I wish I could make my Tumblr private.

  18. "Since reblog-only blogs don't actually get wider exposure for existing posts"

    They don't?

    "And a filing cabinet filled with other people's stuff. :)"

    *hands over funniest accurate comment award*

    "We assume"

    Aaah, see, now that's your problem right there.

  19. spiritoftherainbow

    LOL.. Well.. I am very Glad to have found this sooo quickly after Joining.. I have 2 friends that use this site and I had a moment of... "Gosh" I need to start posting my thoughts... Today.. one of those friends posted something that was totally in line with my current mindset.. I copy/pasted to my site... like a journal entry in my mind.. then read a couple more of her recent post and tried to post.. or re-post and HATED the way it looked.. a link that said nothing.. meant nothing to me.. so just commented to her asking How do I re-post??
    Personally I am on here for Me.. If I get readers I would be surprised
    I am at a point where I feel a Need to write my thoughts. and sharing someone's writing with myself that fits my current mindset Seemed Fitting ;))

    But I will sure be careful about sharing someone's work work I enjoyed from now on
    Thanks.. Newbee

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