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    I couldn’t get this to work correctly as a theme for me. I really would like to use it as I am going to utilize my blog as a “weight loss – diet improvement” type journal. Thanks.



    To what are you referring please. You could n’t get what (which theme) to work (how – as in what way) for you. More information is required before help can be given.



    I thought I put enough information. The theme is Banana Smoothie. It doesn’t work… the images do not all show, the sidebar is all screwed up, the words “banana smoothie” on the lefthand side also do not show. I am using IE6. Anything else?



    So here’s the weird thing that I experienced on my test blog which I keep in stealth mode.

    I changed the theme to babana smoothie.

    (1) I uploaded two pictures into two different posts. One is an animation with a spinning globe. They both showed up as expected – no problem.
    (2) I created three categories and made three blogroll entries. They all showed up in the sidebar as expected. No problem.
    (3)The words banana smoothie does show up on the left side – no problem.

    I use a firefox browser and consider my IE to be a semi-useless decoration. Perhaps you had an IE browser issue. And perhaps if you had forced your browser cache to clear you may have had different results (hold ctrl down and press F5 simultaneously).

    I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help. But if you’re not happy with the theme you have now “fresh bananas” then you could bump this post up to drmike tomorrow.



    Please change your blog back to the banana smoothie theme, specifically tell us which images are not visable within the theme, and tell us what you mean by “the sidebar is all screwed up.”

    As TT states, you don’t give us anything to go on. It’s sort of like “Name the book I’m holding up in front of the monitor. It’s written by someone.”

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