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    I am not exactly shore what it is called, but you are only allowed so many bandwidths so that allows only so many pictures you can have. How do you find out how many you used up already?



    I just looked at your pictures and you uploaded them at imageshack. So you can have as many pictures on your blog as you like. If you uploaded them through WordPress, then there’s the 25 mg limit. The other week someone on here said he got a warning saying he had reached his limit here on WordPress. I don’t know.

    I checked a few posts on my blog that I uploaded the pictures through imageshack and alot of them have already disappeared. And I use to tell people to use it. :( Now I’ve looked into Flickr and Photobucket.


    Thanks, that helps a lot!!!! : )



    I’m liking Flickr more than Photobucket because the Photobucket thumbnails are too small for me. And alot of sites I see have that ‘exceeded bandwidth’ logo when they use Photobucket. Unless the person pays and gets the premium service, then it should last and not exceed the monthly bandwidth limit. I still use when I upload a large batch of images. But imageshack blows. :(



    I forgot to say if you use Flickr, make sure to set the picture to Public so that when your visitors click the image, then they can see it in it’s original size.



    Just for reference, Matt has stated that there are no bandwidth limits here. Only measurement we’ve heard about is the 25 meg upload limit.



    The image upload limit has been increased to 50 meg – see the pink FAQs sticky post at the head of the forum.

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