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Bandwith Limit

  1. I am spending so much time working on my blog that it got me thinking: what if it all disappeared!?! Is there a limit on how much I'm allowed to upload to the WordPress server? If I am using up too much space will I be notified or will my blog dissapear all of a sudden?

  2. This doesn't answer your question directly I'm leaving that to staff and the moderator to do. But I think you may want to know that the image limit is 50 megs
    and that free extra storage space is available off-site

  3. TT, you're thinking the size limit of uploaded pics. FWD is thinking how much traffic a single blog generates from visitors.

    FWD, there's no bandwidth limit at :)

    Hope this helps,

  4. Thanks drmike for the link. I didn't want to overstep the staff and moderator line so I left the definitive answer to you. WordPress is going through lots of changes these days and I didn't want to say "unlimited bandwidth" in case they do intend to change that to a paid for service.

  5. How about "We currently have unlimited bandwidth here at but that may change in the future."

    To be honest, I don't think that will ever happen. I know Matt has mentioned int eh past that one of the pluses he wants to promote here is that users don't worry about such things like bandwidth, installation and the like.

  6. I'll use the link you provided with full confidence then and no proviso. :)

  7. "If I am using up too much space will I be notified or will my blog dissapear all of a sudden?"

    Nothing will disappear.
    Image uploading would say there is no more space - but optimising images is a Good Thing

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