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  1. Hi! How do I put a banner in the Side Bar?

    Thanks for your attencion...

  2. FAQ.

    When you say "banner", you do know that advertsising is not allowed here with teh exception of a single text link, right?

  3. Hi! See this blog: they have a image of club penguin and when you clikc in it you go to club penguins's site! how do I do that?

  4. Please read the FAQ that I link to. But here's the code to add into a text widget:

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!" border="0" /></a>

  5. Hi! I am already using the text1 Widget, so does .
    What widget will I select to do this?

    Thanks for your attencion!!

  6. Another text widget. You can add additional ones at the bottom of the Sidebar widget page. Just create some more of them.

  7. Hi! Thanks! But si it ilegal to put that club penguin banner in my blog? Or a banner from WWF...?

  8. Only if you get paid for it. Otherwise it should be fine.

  9. It's fine. :)

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