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banner bummer

  1. I've been dreaming of being able to create my own banner since the day i opened a page here and was delighted when this finally became a reality (a big thanks to all who made it possible). I chose one of the styles that now supports this called BLIX and made a JPEG image to fit the 690-115 banner it is only 33kb and i do not see why it should not be to big however when i hit the upload and crop it it just becomes a black box. To see what i mean you can visit and see a big black nightmare for a banner. Any help would be great!


  2. I see a banner with lots of vertical bars through it?

  3. This is what I see:

  4. okay it's better then just black as it was before but it seems the line effects are terrible and it was not like that of my finished one i uploaded.
    the pic has been stretched funny too, but i think i have an idea why, will try something and see.

  5. It looks good I can make out the people in the banner..

    Very cool


  6. Looks good to me!

  7. I can see black silouettes of 3 people as well as the title in black using firefox - no funny bars at all.

  8. It may have been all that for all you members, but now what I see isn't a log

  9. Indeed - it would appear that Jayman's profile link points to netfirms. The link in the first post still goes to the blog though.


  10. It may have when you clicked it but it doesn't now. I clicked on his user name jaymanonline in the first entry of this thread today and I was definetly not seeing a wordpress blog. Yesterday I was seeing a wordpress blog in the blix theme. Now I'm seeing commericially hosted blog with a "netfirms" band at the top. [This is a head scratcher.]

  11. TT, Jay includes a link in the first post of this thread.

  12. sorry about my iq. OK, I see someone's foot on a keyboard on the far left; a 2 headed silhouette on the middle left; and someone with his or her mouth open on the right; all in bluey-black against alight bluey background; and the word 'JAYMANONLINE' horizontally right across the middle. It's quite clear to me.

  13. Ahh the link inside the post yes, well - I see the same thing forestneed sees (firefox browser).

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