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    I paid the premium account, but i don’t see all the functionalities and i have 2 banners on my homepage. i’ve paid on 2013/08/20

    Can you change template from Free, to Premium?


    The blog I need help with is



    What exactly did you pay for? What functionality are you missing?


    Hi lucabonini, the template you’re using is not a Premium template, though it appears you have a Custom CSS upgrade. Did you purchase a different premium theme, and then not activate it? Which services have you purchased, and what functionalities are you looking for?

    Here is the full list of upgrades, for reference: Available Upgrades



    I paid 99$ for a premium account. I had a Triton Lite template, but seem don’t work. Before my one year payment ended i don’t see banners on my homepage and i had my links listed by month on the right side of the page. Now i’ve paied the year subscription but i have banners and no links.
    What can i do? How can i contact a developer/assistant?



    Hi @lucabonini, did you figure out how to resolve this? I see your links listed by month on the right side of the non-gallery pages (its heading is ‘archivi’), and I don’t see any banners.

    If you’re still looking for help, could you let me know what you mean by ‘banners,’ and where they are appearing?



    I have now solved. I deleted a browser plug-in that generated internet promotion service (banners) on my website. Now i’m ok.


    Great news. Thanks for letting us know.

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