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banners for free WP sites??

  1. mindfulparenting2

    I desperately trying to figure out if the free WP blog I have supports banners or not. I need to 'install' a banner for a "Village Green Network" I am joining, and can not figure out if my blog allows banners to be installed, and how to do it. HELP! Thank you so much!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Advertising banners are not allowed.

  3. There is no blogger initiated advertising of any kind allowed on free hosted blogs. Click to read what gets a blog suspended here:

    Reference links:

  4. In case there's any doubt, their own website says "VILLAGE GREEN is the global content and advertising network dedicated to natural food and healthy lifestyles."

    Just like Swagbucks, whether you call it a banner or an ad, it's an ad and it's banned.

  5. mindfulparenting2

    oh wow. thats surprising! I have a busy blog, but i dont know much about WP as a whole. thanks so much for the info. do people in my situation ever transfer their blog to a different blog site?? IS that even possible??

  6. @mindfulparenting2
    Yes, you can hire a web host and set up a install
    Then you can export your content out of the free hosted blog and import it into the new WordPress.ORG install.

  7. mindfulparenting2

    Thank you so much timethief!! That is so super helpful! I will proceed with so grateful!

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