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    Hi .I need some help. I made some advertising banners.gif and i wanna upload them on my site , ( there where widgets are, not in a post ) . how can i upload them ? can anybody help me ?

    The blog I need help with is



    Before going about learning how to put the banners on the side bar you might want to consider contacting staff and see if your ad banners are allowed because if there not and you don’t check first the results could equal in blog suspension.

    Here is their contact link



    We are seeing a lot of members who have whatever they are advertising linked to their usernames, rather than their blogs and we are also seeing an increase in spam posting .Some threads get moved to other forums but their links are not removed. I’m asking for that to happen before this situation escalates. Please delete the links and put an end to this.
    Thanks, for listening.



    I believe this is your blog
    I also think you may need to read the whole entry on advertising before contacting Staff so here’s the link for you



    @TT Thanks for posting the information above but unfortunately I can NOT remove any links that are attached to their Username staff only has access to those editing privileges.

    I did go ahead and delete a reply above because the HTML code did link to a affiliated ad link.

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