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Banning a user

  1. I keep having one person who I need to ban but he is on the 3 mobile network in Ireland and IP address keeps moving and it keeps changing username and e-mail the only distinctive thing is

    (IP: [IP addresses removed from public forum])

    I have put this into the filter and does not work, any other way ?

    I could block the first two octets of the IP but obviously many more will be banned then !!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thanks but the IP is a dynamic one and keeps changing and the guy knows this and using an IP range quite a few of my users use.

  3. Outside of putting any info (name, email etc) you can in the Discussion Settings to move comments into the spam system you options are limited as long as your blog is public -

  4. there is no way of filtering on the line I have highlighted which includes the IP ?

  5. The comment black list is all I am aware of - trolls get upset if you just ignore them - but if you don't take the bait they seem to mostly go away - there are some old fashioned legal options if the person engages in certain activities - that would be done with court orders and above my pay-grade to give any advice.

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