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banning comments from one rotten, rotten guy

  1. Hi there, I run a Peace blog on behalf of my non-profit and I always get extensive, extensive comments from one crazy person. His comments are pages and pages long, and they're much worse than the spam that we already get. How can we ban him from making more comments on the blog? We delete his comments, but then he just writes more (strangely, always in favor of our cause, but still creepy).


  2. Look on Optioons > Discussion.
    Check the second text box - enter words / his name / other details he always uses. Might be worth trying.

  3. you can add his email address, or name, or IP address to the comment blacklist under Options > Discussion

  4. I have tried both words and IP and the danger with having the IP blacklisted is that you might end up losing some visitors. Some IPs are roaming...and it might be literally ineffective.

    On the other hand, if you go for words, you might end up moderating when you don't really have to...

    So, find out the costs and benefits yourself.

  5. I had to close one thread because of one guy because he kept on getting new IP numbers. He never came back because his fascination is with that certain very young actress. :(

  6. Okay, sounds great-- do you think that the comment blacklist would also ban any comments from his username and email address? He uses the same one every time.

  7. yep, that's what it's there for.

  8. Why not just mark him as spam? Wouldn't doing so a few times have the same effect?

  9. Please don't - it's not spam.... it's horrible maybe but it is not spam.

    Cluttering Akismet is not so good. It's working hard enough:

  10. Okay, I misunderstood the function of the spam blocker; I assumed that non-commercial "noise" could be spam as well.

  11. If someone took offence at a comment from me and sent my comment to Akismet, it would brand me a spammer.
    Even if my comment was not exactly nice I should still not be a spammer and Akismet would then be used as some sort of tool to block and harm those who you disagree with.

    If Akismet is used that way then what is stopping people using it against others - you (he says waving his arms at everyone) maybe. And you would say "I'm not a spammer" - and so would they when you block them.

    Aksimet is a spam blocker, it's not comment control.

  12. How do I use the blacklist to block a whole set of ips because he has a roaming ip?

  13. Aksimet is a spam blocker, it's not comment control.

    Please read what Mark said above.
    This is the downside of blacklisting by IP. Anyone can change their IP with ease. And if you enter a whole block of IP's you could be losing legitimate comments. Moreover, spammers and trolls are two very different types. So why use a baseball bat to flick a fly?

    Blacklisting is not a crutch for those who do not want to moderate comments. Using it incorrectly to deal with trolls means that Akismet's ability to provide spam control is compromised. Don't do it - please don't do this.

  14. Akismet would then be used as some sort of tool to block and harm those who you disagree with.

    Don't people use it that way already? I don't see anything in Akismet's FAQ warning them not to, but I have seen individuals complaining that everything they post gets marked as spam.

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