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    Hi, I just created my blog and it went live yesterday. Unfortunately, there has been a need to ban a couple of users already. What is the BEST way to do this? I am assuming the blacklist box, but is there a way I am missing? thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    That is the only option for us. Here are my suggestions.

    1. Set comment moderation so that first-time commenters go to moderation. Settings > discussion. This will give you the chance to head them off beforehand.

    2. Include in the blacklist the username, email and if they included one, the website URL. Since IP addresses are no longer unique, do not include the IP address as you may unintentionally end up blocking other desirable visitors.


    thank you so much! I’ll remove the IPs and replace them with emails and usernames.


    You’re welcome. The one thing to remember is that if their comments had appeared on the blog already (no moderation set) then they might still be able to get through. If they do end up getting through, go to full moderation where all comments are held for approval.



    Please note this solution doesn’t ban them it just puts their comment on hold until you decide which moderation action is going to be taken such as delete, or mark as spam,


    Ok, so even blacklisting their email and user name doesn’t do it? There’s no way to completely keep them out? These people are trolling a blog that is supposed to be a safe haven for people that are being bullied. The people that frequent such a place are already in a bad way. So homophobic, nasty comments could have a serious effect if even one distraught member sees them. So full moderation it is. Thanks.


    If they go to the moderation queue, then those comments will never be seen by the public, only by you as the administrator as long as you have either moderation set for first-time commenters, or full moderation turned on.

    There is no way to “ban” them from your site. It simply cannot be done. IP addresses are of no use. All they have to do is reboot their modems to get a different IP address, or they go down to Starbucks or to any wi-fi hotspot and they are coming from a different IP. Even email addresses can be faked as can usernames.

    Sadly for some this is an extremely hot-button issue, and blogging about it is going to attract this type of thing. It is just how it is.

    My final suggestion: forget blacklisting and just turn on full moderation and that way there is absolutely no chance any comments you do not want on the blog will show up. You will have to deal with reviewing them. That is your job as the administrator of the blog.


    yeah thats what i did. Thanks again.


    You’re welcome. It is just something Sorry to say it is just something you will have to slog through.

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