Barenakedislam WHAT???

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    What the hell happened to free speech? WHERE in the TOS did barenakedislam have any violation? I cannot BELIEVE you people. You should all be ashamed for bowing down to some group who does not agree with anothers right to free speech.

    You all come across as a free-speech, free loving sort of liberal arts site that I APPRECIATED. Even though I dis not agree with everything barenakedislam said I AGREE WITH THEIR RIGHT TO SAY IT.

    I promise you that by caving and giving into these people you will embolden them to continue to dismantle FREEDOM of speech and any other freedom that does not fit their vision.

    YOU will suffer the consequences of having YOUR right to free speech taken away, and when you do- NEVER complain or ask “how did this happen?” This is the internet. The last place where a person or peoplke can honestly and openly be free and get critism.

    It WILL happen to you, and when it does blame yourself. Get back into bed with the right-wing Gingritches out there that LOVE the Patriot Act ant its limitations on free speech.




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    timethief has summarized what you should do, so I’ll close this thread.

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