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    Barracuda web filter. I have opened up on our filter, but the user still cannot add photos and change other settings. Is there some other domain that I need to allow for this to work? I have already tried it with full exemption so I know it will work on that desktop. Any ideas?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    I have been answering questions here for 6 3/4 years. What is “Barracuda web filter” and what does it have to do with blogging issues on a free hosted blog? If it’s some type of browser add-on or extension then I suggest you disable it .


    It is a device that we use to allow and deny certain sites for our users such as facebook, gaming sites and so on. I have allowed the domain name to be pushed through, but it seems to only allow parts of the website to work. She can access the blog itself but it still blocks her from uploading photos. Didn’t know if anyone has had this problem before, just checking.



    I have no infromation on this and have flagged the thread for Staff attention.



    A couple of things you might want to check:

    – have you enabled access via SSL so that https:// URLs work correctly?
    – have you whitelisted all subdomains, i.e. *

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