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Basic Help with Gallery

  1. Help! I am trying to create my first gallery and I can't make it work. I seem to create merely a page or post (tried both) with pictures in it. Tried following the instructions on the support page (link) but after installing pictures I don't get the option to Save All Changes or Install Gallery. What am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The "Save all changes" button will appear in the Image Uploader after you've uploaded all your images. If you've uploaded a large number of images, you may have to scroll down a bit to find it.

    Once you click that button, the Gallery tab will appear in the Image Uploader and you can insert the gallery from there, or simply close the Image Uploader and type the following at the point you want the Gallery to appear:

    That will insert the default 3 column, thumbnail grid Gallery.

    You can read more about using the Gallery feature here:

    and there are demos here:

  3. Thanks. This was a big help and worked. However, I don't get the option if I upload from the Media Library. They seem to just go straight into the post if I hit Show and then Insert. From the Media Library tab I don't seem to have any option to upload images to the gallery.

  4. While there are changes coming to the way media is handled, for the meantime you can only directly insert the Gallery from the Image Uploader or by typing the shortcode in your post or page after you've uploaded the images to that post or page.

    If you want to insert images that are already found in your Media Library, you will have to use "includes" in the Gallery shortcode. See here for an explanation:

  5. Thanks again. A big help.

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