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basic interaction??

  1. how can people log-in to leave comments and new posts? do they HAVE to create their own blog to do any of that?

  2. no. go to your dashboard, then to options, there is a box marked membership: where it says something like "must be registered and logged in to comment"......uncheck that box, then people should be able to comment with no problems, but they will always have to leave their name, and email address.

  3. right but can they post new topics?

  4. they should be able to, but when I started up my blog here, I had problems where everyone had to register first. Just leave a note in the feedback section if you are having that problem. The staff at WordPress fixed my blog so that it would work properly

  5. and if you are meaning...can they leave new POSTS on your blog, well then I would imagine the answer would be no. They would have to get their own blog

  6. thanks :)

  7. If you want to add somebody to submit posts on your site - then you can go to Users -> Authors and Users. You can then add somebody who already has a blog. Select what role you'd like for them in the Role dropdown box.

  8. Forgive me for being dense, but I want to make sure I understand this correctly. With the option enabled that requires a user to be registered to leave a comment on a blog, that person must have a account -- not a user account on your blog?

    Or just an account on your blog -- in which case it appears you'd have to create one for him?

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