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Basic question: how do I create an email address here?

  1. Hi, just want to know how to create an email address/account so that instead of using my private email, I can use one that ends in @myblogname. I've already set up a contact form but that sends enquiries to my private email. That's not a problem but I'd really like to create one that is directly related to my blog, for the sake of responding.

    I've looked all over for an answer but it's eluding me! Please help? :) Thanks in advance.

  2. you need to buy domain mapping so your url would say instead of our free from there you can set your e-mail add to read as [email redacted].

  3. To do this, you will need to register a domain name, map the domain to your blog here at and then set up Google Apps so that you can have your email address through Google Gmail. WordPress domain mapping is a paid upgrade.

    Here are some FAQ's:

  4. nods to sulz

  5. thanks for the more detailed explanation, beemeister! i only know the idea of things like this. :)

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