Basic questions – I can’t even find the FAQ!

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    I haven’t been using wordpress for long and I’ve got some basic questions – probably answered before but now forgotten. I know I’m supposed to check the faq first but I can’t even find THAT.


    1. how do I get to the FAQ?

    2. Here’s the situation: I’ve got 3 blogs already, 2 of which I never use. I don’t particularly want to keep the (sub?)domain names – i.e. the names that come before “wordpress” in url of those two. I may want to keep one of them. Or I may just make a fourth blog for the thing I’m trying to do now. so:

    a. I can’t remember how to add a new blog. Really basic I know but how do you do that again? I’ll probably figure it out looking at my dashboard. Also I was wondering – does the free space I have get used up the more blogs I make? I may want to be doing book-length writing on this new blog. How much space do we have again? (or where would I find that info)?

    b. I notice the first blog says “Will1987’s blog” but the ac`tual name of the blog is Why is this and would a visitor to the site see that?

    c. How much space, indeed, in megabytes, do we have on these blogs?

    thanks a lot help this internet goofball who just missed the internet revolution by a decade,


    The blog I need help with is


    The old FAQs are gone – incorporated into the new Support docs. Links to those are all over the place:

    Dashboard upper left corner: My Account > Support
    Dashboard upper right corner: Help
    Dashboard bottombar: Support
    Forum header > Support
    Forum bottombar > 24/7 Support


    Re starting a new blog:

    Re 2b: “Will1987’s blog” is the blog title while is the blog URL. A visitor sees the first in your header and the second in the address bar of the browser. You can change the blog title under Settings>General.

    Re space: each free, no paid space upgrade, blog comes with 3GB for uploading images and other files; text in posts and pages is unlimited.



    oh thanks. Oh yeah here’s a question – let’s say you’ve already got a blog and you want to transfer content from it to a new blog. Is there any way to do that besides copying and pasting?

    also: do you know where I can find how much total free space we (free blog users) have?

    thanks a lot,



    b) I think I answered that: each blog comes with 3GB for uploading files; text unlimited.

    ( )



    For Q1 about moving your content here is your answer!

    For Q2 about seeing how much space you have click on library under media on your dashboards left nav bar then you will see at the top of the screen how much memory you used and how much memory you have left.


    Re t3ck’s reply on Q2, let me emphasize again that the used/free space you can see there refers to the particular blog only, and refers to uploaded files only – text doesn’t count.

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