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Baskerville 2: Post excerpt instead of full post

  1. mummy2twindividuals

    In the content options, I've selected post excerpt rather than full post and this displays correctly on a desktop and in previews. However when I've checked the mobile version, the whole blog post displays. Any ideas why?
    I'm at

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi @mummy2twindividuals,
    I checked out your site on my mobile, and I see post excerpts and not the whole blog post.

    I suppose you resolved this?


  3. mummy2twindividuals

    Yes - nothing to resolve. I was clicking links that obviously took me to whole posts and when I clicked the home tab, I'd see all excerpts. Silly me.

  4. @mummy2twindividuals No worries! Happens to everyone. Glad you figured it out. :)

  5. Hello @otpidusprime. I'm having the same problem. I've selected 'post excerpt' but my posts are appearing in full (they never used to - only today). Would you be able to advise? Thanks! My page is

  6. Thanks for the report - we're looking into this and will keep you posted here.

  7. Same problem at

    Thanks in advice :)

  8. This issue should now be resolved. Thanks for your patience!

  9. Thank you very much!

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