Baskerville Theme Has Changed?

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    Today, I noticed that the Baskerville theme I’m using is only displaying 9 blog posts on the front page, despite not making any changes to the assigned display setting of twenty?

    I see also that the Baskerville theme demo, as well as other sites using the Baskerville theme, are also displaying 9 posts on the front page…

    I’ve observed the same issue using both Safari & Vivaldi browsers.

    Any information helpful to resolve this matter is appreciated. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    Correction: other examples of sites using the Baskerville theme do display different post counts.

    In addition to the issue of my site only displaying 9 posts on the front page, only 9 posts display when any given category is selected, also.



    Yes, I got the exact same problem with Baskerville since yesterday. No changes made on my side.

    It looks like the following setting has been deactivated: “settings > reading > blog pages show at most x posts”. Now the theme always truncates after 9 posts and shows a button “older posts”. You cannot increase nor lower that number.

    Only exception: if you are using infinity scrolling. BUT this is only possible if you don’t use footers.

    Was there some CSS update to Baskerville? Would be great if this issue could be fixed by WP or the theme designer.



    In addition, the start page sometimes is not loading correctly: it shows lots of empty space or doesn’t finish loading at all (tested with several browsers, PC and iOS). Again, no change whatsoever made on my side.

    WP, what’s wrong with Baskerville? Please try to fix it if possible…


    @joesurfer — Hi there! I see what you mean… I saw 9 posts load, but your Settings > Reading number to display is set to 20.

    To clarify, 20 worked previously and seems to have stopped for no reason?

    I’m looking further into this issue and will update you here when I’ve got some more info. :)

    @frankie5748 — I don’t see a website associated with this user account. If you’d like me to take a look at yours, please reply with a link and I’ll check it out.



    No worry. I got the exact same problem as joesurfer: reading number 20 (or whatever), but displaying only 9 posts. Plus sometimes trouble loading/displaying the theme correctly at all. The issue first appeared one or two days ago, without any change on my side.


    @frankie5748 — Okay. I’ll update here when I’ve got more info. :)



    @sarahblackstock Thank you for responding :)

    Yes, that is correct: I’ve had my Reading number set to display 20 posts, yet now only 9 posts are loading. The same is true when a category archive is selected – only 9 posts load.



    @joesurfer @frankie5748 The problem should now be fixed.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!



    @jeherve Yes, working again – thank you!



    Perfect. I’m so HAPPY! :-)

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