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Batch edit to change post type from "writing" to "photo"

  1. Each post in my blog is a photograph. However, I did not know that when I created posts, they were automatically "writing" posts. (I only found out when I tried a different theme, Avid, and the images wouldn't show up as they were "writing" posts.) I need to change all of my posts into "photo" posts instead. Is there a batch edit function that will enable me to do this in either the free WordPress account or paid? Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.
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  2. Posts > All Posts: click the little square to select all the posts, select Edit from the Bulk Actions pulldown, click Apply, select Image from the Format pulldown, click Update. Repeat for pages 2, 3 etc, if you have many posts.

  3. There is no "Format" pulldown menu after I click "Apply." The only things I can edit are: categories, tags, author, comments, status, pings, and sticky. Would I get different options if I tried a different theme, edit everything, then set it back to my original theme?

  4. There is no "Format" pulldown if the theme you're using doesn't support alternative post formats.

    But now that I'm reading your original question again, I should say there's a misunderstanding. A post with a photo doesn't have to be an Image format post. In most themes standard posts do display regularly inserted images. The purpose of an Image post format isn't to make the image show up, it's to make that post look different than standard posts.

    If you're talking about The Columnist, the right way to make images show up is set them as featured images.

  5. Thanks! That helped. One last thing: before, my image URLs were from which is what I wanted. Now, though, it looks like my images have been saved into the WordPress Media Library even though when I posted the photo, I used the Flickr URLs. How/why did that happen?

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