Batch uploading of images and image galleries

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    I’d like to see the ability to upload images in a large batch (i.e. several files at once), and also the ability to create galleries (folders with photos with a specific content).

    Expanding on the gallery idea:
    I’d think something with a automatically re-sized image in the middle, and thumbnails below. Clicking on a thumbnail will display the image (re-sized above), and clicking on the larger image would open a new window with the full resolution image.



    I’d suggest sending in a feedback on monday with this idea.

    An image in a new window would be an accessability issue as well as a “it’s my browser, How dare you open a new window without my permission!” issue.


    Yeah i like your idea. I’ve been looking for something like that as i upload many photos and it takes a fair while to do it one by one. I think that it would be good to have a photos section where you can click on the photo and then click a ‘next’ button to view the next photo instead of having to click back. A bit like on myspace photo’s or Each click on a photo equals a hit so the hits of wordpress would go up really quick. Just an idea.



    You should be able to do that just by picking a template that has a Next button and posting each photo in a different blog post.



    I realize that does not support FTP for batch upload of images or posts, but does anyone know of an xmlrpc client that supports it?


    If you’re talking about uploading to, there is no way to batch upload here. You have to do them one at a time from the write > post page.



    Have you checked out the codex?



    At we can only upload images one at a time.



    {waving to thesacredpath – here we go again …lol}


    Yep! I’m gonna wander off for a bit, it’s all yours.



    Thanks but no thanks – I have lots of work to do today. ;-)

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