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    hi, for the person who may answer this, please understand i have no idea what a server is nor how to access one.

    i am trying to figure out how to add a forum to my wp blog. my research lead me to bbpress, and i downloaded the zip file to my desktop. i have no idea where to go from there as all literature i have found talks about uploading to “your server”, and i have no clue where to begin for that.

    it may be that this is not possible, or that bbpress isn’t the way to go, i don’t know. any help would be great.

    thanks, ac

    The blog I need help with is



    The really short version is: you can’t do this. You would need to buy hosting elsewhere and install the software there. As it is, your blog is hosted at and all hosts is blogs: NOT forums.

    What you can do is register a forum on one of the free forum sites and run it there and link to it from your blog (which looks fantastic, by the way, extremely professional) but it wouldn’t be hosted here.



    hi, thanks for the advice, and the compliment. i’ve been putting too much time into it where i should be studying, but i love this stuff.

    so as far as the forum sites go, are there any that you recommend over the others?

    thanks again, ac



    If you don’t mind me interjecting then I would like to give you some advice. All forums require a critical mass of regular posters who post frequently. That critical mass needs to be quite large for the forum to be viable.

    I have witnessed many bloggers who lack comments on their blog posts and who think adding a forum will be helpful – it wasn’t. They chose to set up a forum a forum and link their blog to it only to watch it die ,simply because they did not have that critical mass of blog commenters before they set up a forum.



    i absolutely understand, and will take into consideration, however, i really think it depends on the content of the site. personally, i have never left comments on a blog, but the idea of a forum does draw me in from time to time. comic books also have a different kind of built in audience. a very emotional audience, similar to politics.

    really though, the biggest reason i want to do it, is so that i know how to do it.

    thanks, ac

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