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bbPress hosting service

  1. Hello Team.

    I was wondering about that you don't have a free hosting service like for your ass-kicking forum software bbPress. Why is that so? I think it would work as fine as WordPress when it's hosted and it's good for people that don't have webspace.
    I hope you'll thin about my idea.

    Greetings, Tim

    PS: Sorry for my bad English. Im German ;)

  2. I like the idea was well Tim, but I don't think such a service will exist anytime soon ;)


  3. Okay. And why do you think so?

  4. The service already being provided, hosted WordPress blogs, has a large number of requests that aren't being filled. So, the smaller request of a few people wanting hosted bbPress service is probably a very low consideration.

  5. I beleive there are a lot of people who would love to have a forum integrated with their blogs, like it's done in the ExpressionEngine or CommunityForum ('The Daily WTF' is running on, btw). that would be a perfect paid upgrade and there was already plenty of similar requests around here.

    the matter is, bbPress is not even 1.0 now, for the one thing; and nobody has hacked it into MU (MultiUser) yet by a similar way Donncha did it to which resulted a WP.MU which .com is running on.

    and even if anyone will ever do that, then bbPress.MU will eventually have exactly the same user experience issues as WP.MU has now i.e.: common-shared, non-editable raw .PHP themes, no user plugins, no JS and HTML forms allowed etc.

    basically, bbPress is now going through the same ontogeny path has already gone. that's why Trent is right on money: it'll take rather much time while bbPress community of volunteers, which is now busy with making documentation, plugins and free themes, contributing to the support knowledge base, submitting fixes/enhancements, security patches etc, etc, etc.., accomplish all that to an acceptable level, before bbPress[MU] could be used in the commercial environment for profit.

    and AbbyD is absolutely correct too: .com requests queue is indeed being filled by a huge number of so much high-priority requests that even completely borked navigation on .com blogs caused by the obtrusive usage of global tags links, or usability enhancements to this very forums theme (beneficiary for forum regulars) can't be fixed (first issue is during a year and half). despite a fact, all it takes is a 5-minutes one-liners.


  6. Good Idea I think, many do it, such as Invision, phpBB etc, although I don't think bbPress is yet ready for full time use for a lot of people (since it's not everyones cup of tea) however generally the idea is good. The fact is bbPress is still considered a beta and for public use should be considered accordingly.

  7. Great Idea I'd even say, although, having to reiterate myself, it's currently a single-user... err -keymaster one -- how would one integrate a single bb instance into multiple individual MU blogs using a current DB scheme? also, it's not even 1.0-alpha.

  8. Now I wouldn't go so far as say alpha or beta, let alone not for public use yet. There are 250,000 registered users of bbPress now.....


  9. how many of them who have not been registered before at .org, i.e. those who had registered namely at bbpress?

  10. While bbPress and users can login with the same username and password, all the registrations were new to bbPress because they don't exist until you login or register. Either way, they are new registrations. I am not privy to the downloads stats, but I know they are pretty impressive as well. Regardless of what is right and wrong, I'm just saying that bbPress is not at 'full fledge' commercial status, but it is far from infancy as well! ! !


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