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    I’m seeing several problems over and over. I had some of them and they were solved last night within hours of the change. For some odd reason, the fixes haven’t propagated across WordPress. So, be sure to contact Support at the above URL. I don’t think they’re making an effort to be in these Forums, but I *do* know that Support is available all this weekend due to the change. If they keep hearing from people and getting the same problems over and over, it will finally penetrate someone’s head to start fixing things.



    love your avitar!


    I haven’t had problems. What are you referencing? Are they problems or just disapproval with the changes? Just curious. And I don’t think staff is open this weekend.



    Good advice, but poorly timed; Friday is not a good day for this. Bump it on Monday.


    I guess I’ve been lucky! Really haven’t had problems with the changes. And I’m surprised the forum volunteers don’t ‘disappear’ on the weekends, when support is down! :lol:



    We don’t, but we DO make fun of Support while they’re lounging around in Puerto Vallarta or whatever.



    “several problems over and over”
    Details. Lots of details.
    I need them.
    “several problems’ tells me absolutely totally nothing.

    “I *do* know that Support is available all this weekend”
    You do? I don’t and if anyone should it’s me. It is working to normal hours.

    And trying to create a mass of emails does no-one any good at all. So please do not.



    WordPress Support – Pls Add Milliday Time To Your Support Hours

    Pls will you include Milliday time with your Standard Time on your support page!

    The time zone I live in is obviously different to yours as you’re always bleeping closed!

    If you also included @ Milliday time I would know when to access you – No matter what the time was here or there with you!
    Just make sure you put the right milli time pls!

    Cheers and thanks
    @540 milli time
    14:00 south africa

    “Normal support hours are Monday – Friday 8AM – 4PM Pacific Time”

    Possibly like this you could put it like this?

    Normal support hours are Monday – Friday 8AM – 4PM Pacific Time [@? To ? Milliday Time Planetary time]

    even better to have a live milliclock on your site/platform would be seriously kooowal!



    We will be sticking with the time scale we use but I will ensure the page is changed to reflect the times in different timezones.



    pls include which continents are in which time zone!
    it’s no good telling me its east central time that means bugger all to me being in Africa!
    that’s why just working out the milli time for your hrs would work so well! uncomplicated and would only take up not more than 16 characters!
    @603 [millitime]

    millitime = 1000 units = 24 hrs = 1 time zone


    Hey, Mark. Enjoy the sunshine.

    This thread was started April 5th. Poster was talking about a different weekend, but someone bumped it.



    roadsofstone – good catch, I should have got that.

    mikecane – my apologies

    heleneodette – I will do for Australia around. But Africa should be about my time (I’m in the UK) so just add 7 hrs. I will make the change though.



    thanx mark
    gosh you have that much power!
    you decide what goes on the support page?!
    why the resistance to milli time?
    i sense you seem to be poo whoooing it
    or am i the only one who is using it?
    eventually we will use one time for the planet

    i’ve always been before my time – a trend setter!

    go home!
    not to your computer!

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