Be possible to improve box ‘ share’?

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    Hi everyone,

    Be possible to improve on the button “+ Share” in the feature to share?

    After choosing the option ‘icons only’ in the box of the button ‘+ Share’ two columns appear far apart. Each with icons to share.
    The specific question is: can remove those spaces and compact the box ‘+ Share’?

    See this picture:

    Greetings, I hope I was able to explain


    The blog I need help with is


    It’s a good suggestion. I have the same issue. But I suspect that the space is needed for those who want to have the icon + name option. Ultimately, it is not that big of a deal. More of a cosmetic change. I can live with it because I am able to fit the most important icons on the page. The ones in the Share box are good but more of a secondary nature in my view.

    But I imagine that WP will soon be dazzling us again with improvments. One that I have suggested for the share buttons is as follows:

    If you go to my blog and scroll over the share icons, you see a little message pop up. For the pre-set ones, the text is geared to the icon (e.g., “Click to share on Reddit”). For the ones I added myself, however, the text is generic (“Click to share”). It would be nice to be able to change the text. Not a big deal and no urgency to be sure, but something to think about.




    Would you like to make your suggestion directly to Staff?



    It is only possible with the CSS upgrade currently (preview the code below to see) but it is definitely worth suggesting to the WordPress staff.

    .sharing .sharing-hidden .share-custom {width:20px;}
    .sharing-hidden .inner {width:80px!important;}

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