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Beautiful Landscape of Malaysia

  1. A fresh start for the new year, this blog will consist of images captured in Malaysia and it is gonna be my 1st serious blog, do hope to generate more visitors so that I can show the beauty of my homeland. Thank you and happy new year.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have just updated my blog with a new photo that was captured recently, please drop by and have a look and please do leave some comments will help in boasting my confidence to continue to blog....Thank you all.

  3. Another one of Malaysia beautiful scenery has been do drop by and if it is possible, leave some comments it good or bad..I will appreciate it alot. Thanks.

  4. Its a very beautiful place... i certainly hope to visit one day! Thanks for sharing.. :)

  5. Hi there themischief, thanks for dropping by and if you ever do visit, drop me a msg...if you need any information.

    I have just updated the blog with another shot taken at Penang, Malaysia...have a look and it'll be great if you can leave down a few words. Thanks!

  6. Blog updated with another shot of a wonderful beach in my homeland. Do drop by and leave a few least I can drop by to yours too. :) . Thank you.

  7. Another update, this time showing a beautiful reflections of a mosque. I've also added a video to show more of the surrounding. Please leave some comments or what so ever advises for me to improve. Thanks all!

  8. Just updated another shots of my beautiful homeland...this time at a resort high up the hills, and it is my 1st time shooting the stars. Do drop by and have a look ya. Thanks all and have a great day ahead! :)

  9. Another update on my page, this time with star trails and a new location. Do drop by and leave me some comments ya...thanks! :)

  10. Just got my 1st time lapse video updated. Please drop by to have a look and give me a few pointers...thanks! :)

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