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Beauty Defined: BlueBerryPeaches

  1. blueberrypeaches

    Hi Everyone!

    I hate it when you find a hair or beauty product and you go on the internet to try and find some reviews on the product and there isn't much chatter about it, so you take a chance and purchase the product. Half the time you might have just stumbled on something amazing, other times you wished you just hadn't spent your money and your dying to shout on the net how rubbish it is!

    Well that is certainly me - I hated it and have spent countless years and no doubt too much money to figure out what beauty products ACTUALLY work and well those that really just don't!

    So with that I have created my blog, to help others who buy hair and beauty products, to provide them with genuine product reviews. I do not work on any commission to write these reviews, they are my own opinions backed up with anecdotal evidence and pictures (of course!). Being a woman I love my beauty and hair products and just want to share my knowledge and experience on the subject!

    So if this blogs seems interesting to you, feel free to click on my blog and check it out!

    Thanks for reading!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you receive free products form the companies that produce and sell the products that you review?

  3. blueberrypeaches

    Nope none of that at all! I write honest and genuine reviews as I was getting sick and tired of buying product after product.. so I thought I would share my experiences of what products I have tried before and the ones that work for me.

    I am different with my approach :)

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