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Because I'm very bored

  1. And I feel like I'm writing at no one right now, I'd love for some comments or even blog recommendations.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I would love to paste a link to my blog right now but bored people don't make for nice critics, so I'd suggest reading this You won't be bored no more.

  3. you should check my blog :)

  4. My attempt at reverse psychology:

    Don't read my blog! Whatever you do not look at it!

  5. Well I'll throw mine in there too. Please check it out :)

    Teen Quirkiness

  6. If you like fantasy.. stop by mine :)

  7. Only if your hot. JK. Well, it would be nice.

  8. I like your blog and will follow. Boom.

  9. Please read my blog especially if you like poetry

  10. Mines kinda funny. Hopefully, it'll dropkick you in the internet.

  11. I'm bored too. Wanna play rock, paper, scissors?

  12. I'm bored too.

  13. Rock.

  14. plasticdaffodils

    Paper. I win!

  15. Incorrect. You have defeated by enemy, the Rock. I will now whip out my Great Scissors of Doom and dispose of you like the pawn you are. Bwahahaha.

    I really should sleep.

  16. Damn it! I knew I would somehow lose this battle!

  17. I am the master.

  18. I have always wondered how the paper and scissors can win over the rock! Let's try throwing some rocks at you and why don't you use your paper and scissors as a shield? Doesn't make sense does it? Rock rocks!

  19. So if someone says I have rocks in my head I still rock, don't I?

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