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    I posted manually a comment with a link to my blog a certain number of times, only on WordPress blogs, with a strict purpose of communication. After a few dozens of these posts, the comment “discarded” appeared in the up left corner of a fully white screen. Now I seem to always be discarded when I post a comment with a link to my blog to some WordPress blogs.

    Did I brach any protocol? Was what I did perceived as spam? If yes, with my apology, can I have the text of that protocol?

    Is that “discarded” status permanent?

    Paul Laurendeau

    The blog I need help with is


    Go to my test blog and leave a comment and I’ll see where it goes.






    Did you post the SAME comment on multiple blogs? Was it anything about going to your blog? Usually when someone leaves a comment and it has a link to their blog in it (rather than having the username linked to the blog) it is assumed to be a thin excuse for getting people over to that blog. In future, link your username to your blog and you won’t be classed as a spammer. You do that on your Profile Page under “Website”.



    Thank you.

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