Been invited to share my blog on another blogsite as well as WPress.

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    Am I allowed to use my wordpress blogs elsewhere? I have been asked to share my blogs on another blogsite alongside my wordpress blog. They said I can export my blog an upload it there. I would be running the two blogs concurrently. Am I ok to do this? Or is there some kind of copyright that disallows it?
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    Why on earth would you and create duplicate content across domains? It’s not to your advantage to do so. The result will be the that posts published on the original site will be downgraded by Google when the Panda algorithm which is specifically for detecting duplicate content does so. See here >



    Just to be crystal clear on this what’s to your advantage is a situation where the ONLY place your posts can be found is on your own blog. If some other site would like to backlink to those posts – fine and dandy. But if they want you to duplicate the content on their site, then wave bye, bye to them, and find other reputable bloggers who know what they are about to associate with.

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