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Beep beep boop

  1. I want to post but a bubble pops saying beep beep boop? How do I fix this so that I can continue posting?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    The reality of blogging at is that this is an ever changing blogging environment as this platform is on continuous rollout. Code changes are being made constantly and in cases like this new post editor, reversion is not going to occur.

    There has been a change to the post editor interface at and Staff are recommending that we bypass the New Dash in favor of posting directly on our sites.

    For image uploading please note the Staff response here

    The original place to create a post with full features to upload images, etc is here Dashboard > Posts > Add New and it works very well for me.

    In fact I never ever use the Add New at which is undergoing changes as part of an ongoing project to make the site multi-device mobile friendly.

    That is why the advice is to go to Dashboard > Post > Add New

    For inserting images see

    For image editing see here

    As for your new dash feedback, if you wish to, then you can post it into this thread

  3. rockingjohnhenry

    I try to post and I get a box that says Beep,beep,boop but nothing happens.

  4. @rockingjohnhenry
    That means you are not posting in the place that Staff have have advised us to use at > Dashboard > Posts > Add New
    Click this link to create your post please

  5. Thanks Timethief!

  6. You're welcome.

  7. I am having the same problem. Why is making things worse.
    The "improvements" are far from improvements. Whatever is being done, things are getting worse?! Fix the original glitches before rolling out more problems.
    This is frustrating?!
    STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also, what does "New Dash" mean?

  8. paladinjustice

    Same problem. Found this page and followed the advice to use the dashboard, rather than clicking on new post directly from my homepage. This "improvement" adds an extra step, but thank goodness it at least works.

    That beep beep boop nonsense is stupid beyond belief. Why not put up a message: "WP had changed the posting interface. Go to your blog's dashboard and Add Post from there."

    Beep beep boop indeed. I thought i had a virus when I saw that. Stupid.

  9. I was stunned by this new "improvement." It's beyond awful. I can't get the time stamp to work properly and am unable to locate the editing tool. Guidance, please.
    What is the point of the beep, beep, boop?
    Change for the sake of change makes no sense when the former product was top-of-the-line.

  10. I agree with paladinjustice. I initially thought my blog had been hacked until I looked up irritating and irrational geek speak beep beep boop and guessed it was WordPress initiated. WordPress was fine the way it was so why are ill-tested changes being rolled out to frustrate users?

    Beep beep boop is neither positive nor productive, get a grip!

  11. The new "Categories and tags" thing in the editor needs improvement. Serious improvement. More specifically, we need the following:

    1. Bring back the autocomplete function for the tags. Right now, it treats everything we type in there as a new tag rather than looking for it and suggesting possible matches for us.

    2. We need a capability to collapse the categories list. As it is, it can end up being a scrollfest from Hell.

  12. As having two threads open on the same issue makes no sense at all I have tagged this thread for closure.

    For a workaround see here

  13. The workaround is in this thread on page 2 and reposted on page 4 in BOLD.

  14. Hi there,

    Thanks for the feedback. We did update quite a few links to point to our new editor recently. However, please keep in mind that the old editor is still available by going directly into your Dashboard > Posts > Add new. You can also go to Dashboard > Posts > All Posts and click on the edit link when you hover over the title.

    We're collecting constructive feedback on a main thread here:

    If you would like, could you add your main sticking points to that thread? We'll do our best to address them all!

    Just a note, I'll be closing this thread as we're trying to direct conversation to one main point, but you can still contact us. Just use the thread above!

    Thanks @raincoaster and @timethief!

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