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Beep Beep Boop screen is a joke. Is this a glitch?

  1. Why does Beep Beep Boop screen come up? Is this temporary or is it another NEWLY CREATED glitch?
    Why does keep changing things for the worse?!?!?!
    They have yet to fix the serious problems I originally posted.
    Now... I have a "Beep Beep Boop" box/screen in front of me? What is this?!?!? The screen is too tiny to work with?
    Everything is getting worse, not better?!?!?! If it ain't broke, don't mess with it?!?!
    It is like is intentionally trying to piss it's customers off!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Go to Dashboard > Posts > Add New and create your posts there.

  3. Is this a temporary thing or a new permanent nuisance? I liked the easy edit by simply clicking on the post from the reader screen. Why would take that away? Now, if I have to use to normal editor, I have to click three extra things?!?! How does that make sense?
    This is so frustrating?! Every "change" has made it more complicated or time consuming to use this site.

  4. Hello,

    Tonight something happened on my blog that has never happened before that I think is connected with what you are talking about when I clicked Edit on a Post on my Home Page instead of taking me to the Dashboard Editor there was a Beep Beep Boop/whatever message/screen that took me to what seems to be the Publish A New Post Editor/whatever (Screenshot:, and I could not find the After The Deadline Grammar/Spell Check/Proofread Button.

    Is this a glitch/bug?

    Where is the Grammar/Spell Check Button in this new editor?

    Is there a way to disable this and re-enable the Dashboard Editor as the default for when you click Edit on a Post?

    I had to manually go to All Posts and search for the Posts that I wanted to edit to reach the Dashboard Editor, I rather not have to do all of that just to edit a post in the Dashboard Editor like I used to be able to do, what is going on? :D

    If all the features of the Dashboard Editor were there in the new editor I would not have much of a problem with it.

    -John Jr

  5. I went to edit some tags at my recent posts, and got the beep beep boop screen. How soon is WordPress going to have this fixed? Soon, I hope...

  6. Thanks Timethief for the suggestion for getting back to the previous sensible and usable add new post window.

    Dear WordPress, please get rid of this new interface - it's horrible, glitchy, missing quite a few things and won't save the scheduled date and time properly. I'm more than happy with the old one.

  7. Also messed up: the more tag in the original editor is now invisible in draft window. It does work when you post, thank goodness.

    Problems with the "Reader" new post Boop Editor that replaced the old link:

    Can't add photos in full screen mode
    Not wysywig, uses some default font.
    Photo size starts as medium and will not remember your preference, so you need to resize them all manually.
    Does not save your work if you open up settings tab on the right.

  8. I agree with the comments - the beep beep boop upgrade makes it look very unprofessional.

  9. Hello,

    Also there is a problem in the Dashboard Editor now where you can not post video links/links in the Visual Editor, they do not show up, and so you have to use the Text Editor to get links to show.

    Also I would like to thank everyone who is joining this topic, maybe we will get some answers tomorrow, but my guess is that new unannounced changes are being made/tried; and so new bugs are being made and old bugs are returning, and certain features are missing.

    -John Jr

  10. michaellee2009

    Got the same problem, it's becoming impossible

  11. ufohunterorguk

    Whoever did this should be sacked

  12. Today I clicked Edit on a Post on my Home Page and instead of taking me to the Dashboard Editor as usual it takes me to Beep Beep Boop window.
    This blgo system is getting really buggy. All new themes are buggy and ugly. I'm thinking of moving to Blogger.

  13. I'm glad i'm not the only frustrated member here.
    I hope it's a glitch and not any one's idea cause if so this person is really
    un-creative !!!

    WP, please lets get back to normal???

  14. I really hope that this is some sort of alternative 'April Fool' joke! It looks awful, it looks unprofessional, it looks badly thought through as a development. WordPress please stop prioritising phones and tablets and give consideration to the serious bloggers out here.

  15. Same here. Edit nightmare.

    And it leaves it on visual, switched to text and all formats lost. Horrid.

  16. mccormickyasociados

    More on the same. Some features of the paid theme I am using are not available anymore.
    Please, advance, go back.

  17. waltzingmorethanmatilda

    I absolutely HATE this new interface.

    Suddenly I have this incredibly teeny tiny little posting space, but if I put it on "full page", it goes so big that the edges are beyond my computer screen and I can't press any buttons.

    PollDaddy polls have just disappeared as an option: there's no "add poll" button any more.

    When I ask to Preview a post, all it does is Save it (get a little message saying "Congratulations! You just saved your post!"), so I can't tell what it looks like until it is published.

    Once I add a photo, I can't add any text unless I switch to the text page, but I can't edit it until I switch back to visual. What with now having to toggle between draft and publish options, there's an awful lot of of switching and toggling going on.

    It seems as if every button I press gets me an Error / Something's gone wrong / Server is down message, although I guess (hope) this is normal teething problems.

    The beep boop gloop doop loop is THE most annoying "feature" to ever be misguidedly forced upon unwilling users. WHY do we need to be beep booped instead of being taken directly to our post, as previously?

    If there was an option to pay to "downgrade" and get the old system back, I would gladly pay any reasonable amount for the privilege.

  18. Perhaps someone at WordPress can explain what Beep Beep Boop means. It is like some irritating juvenile language that someone uses when talking to a one year old! Perhaps it is a WordPress 'in joke' at the expense of the rest of us. Please let's restore sanity and remove this poop poop plop straight away!

  19. waltzingmorethanmatilda

    By the way, thank you to timethief for her excellent suggestion. This should be made generally available on our Dashboards so we can opt-in to the beep-boop rather than having it as the default option.

  20. Going to the dashboard to get the old editor is a very long way round to get what was a fantastic editor.
    This new one is tiny, way too small, too confusing. I don't like it at all.
    I don't like it when WP make changes that mean it is harder to do what you want to do, that doesn't make sense.

  21. This is a joke, right?

    This is a juvenile interface. We have lost comprehensive editing capabilities. Media function including Slide Shows, Tiles, Mosaic and adding Video. All of these are frequently used by many of your clients and add value to their blogs and your look and feel as a site.

    Adding new and editing our own previous is cumbersome and time consuming now and does nothing for your standing as a premier blogging site.

    Who thought this was a good idea? Whoever it was should be fired. For those of us who pay for our sites, I will tell you these 'upgrades' are theft of our resources including our money as well as our time.

    You haven't fixed what was previously broken, this latest stripping of functionality is yet another example of your tone deafness. As a paid subscriber I want you to fix what was broken before, return the functionality I pay for and stop screwing with functionality without test or confirmation of need.

  22. The New Post button has worked this way for some time. There was, however, always the drop down Posts->Add New button on the grey admin bar. Now it behaves exactly like the New Post button; I can only presume that includes NOT actually kicking in the autosave.

    The New Post button is the single largest source of complaints about how the software works. Why they would force a completely different button to go to the same place, thus vastly increasing the number of people who encounter these problems, beats the hell out of me.

    If the dashboard php link stops working, I'll be flouncing off with all my blogs, no question. If it doesn't work, why would I use it?

  23. If anyone knows a WordPress developer or three, now's the time to lobby them to see if they can get an inside running on what has happened.

    I have this dream that everything will be back to normal when I open up my website again tomorrow morning :S

  24. @valentinelogar
    The old editor still exists, but you have to go to the dashboard to find it. Click on Posts ->All Posts to edit existing ones. Click on Posts ->Add New to create a new one.

    That said, I agree it's ridiculous that the New Dash editor is being forced on us like this.

    The edit button while viewing posts on your own blog it also now takes you to the New Dash editor, both from the home page and from single post views. I didn't notice the admin bar's doing it as well, as I seldom use it.

  25. thanks a lot kokkieh for telling us how to reach the better editor.
    cheers !!!

  26. @jazzismylife
    Actually, timethief already did earlier, but if threads become too long people tend not to read all earlier posts, so a refresh of the relevant info helps from time to time.

  27. @kokkieh I'm tagging all these threads New Post Button so we can keep track of all of them. And "Are you kidding me" is too long to type out that many times.

  28. @raincoaster
    LOL! I'm with you! I'll also add the tag to those I see.

  29. Please give us back the old editor immediately. I do not see why I should do work-arounds to find back the old editor.

  30. I'm with you @raincoaster. I wasn't thrilled when the stats screen was changed and now takes you out of your dashboard to some ethereal space. Now making a new post could do the same, but it takes even longer to get there. And by there I mean a horrendous-looking interface that I would have thought a company like WordPress would only have rolled out on April 1.

    I was going to write a new post tonight (I will if following @timethief's guide gets me back to the old editor). If I had to work with the new Beep f*cking Boop editor, I won't bother.

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