Beep Beep Boop screen is a joke. Is this a glitch?

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    I previously loved using WordPress but have to agree with oldnp. This new editing ‘update’ and the way it has been introduced is very unfortunate.

    We can all suffer ‘workarounds’ but there is no substitute for decent beta testing and a reason to change editing layout that was fine in the first place. And having disappeared, it seems that the massively derided and incomprehensible “beep beep boop” message’ is back. Why?



    Hi there,

    Because all of your feedback, we decided to add a link in the new editor that will take you back to the old editor as seen here:

    Screen Shot



    I just went to edit in the beep beep boop editor and saw a link to switch to the “classic” or previous editor. Clicked on it and bada bing, was switched to the previous editor. Thank you WordPress for hearing “us”!



    I don’t see it, Grace. Where is it? Thanks.



    Okay, never mind, I found it.


    This is brilliant news, well done wordpress for doing the right thing, now we can all have a beer and chill out andget back to blogging, thanks guys and gals and whoever in the words or Pickard “Made it so” :)



    Hi, Grace.
    Thanks a lot for you, and the rest of the staff & developers. :)


    Could do with a save option or you have to keep pressing revert on every post, but its a start!


    That’s a big help, gracejiyoung. Thank you.



    I made a post then hit “preview”
    It then “saved” but did not show me a preview.
    I made a few more changes and tried to publish, but the “publish” button was now “update” (which I hit). It saved again, but did not, again, show me the page.
    I had to back out and go to the dashboard to see that it was saved as a draft. From there I was able to “publish”, but, of course, should have been able to do that from the editor.



    Here is another work-around I noticed tonight:
    On your homepage, pull-up the dashboard drop-down and click NEW (not POST). Do not drag mouse over and click POST, as that will bring up the unfriendly Beep Beep Boop editor.
    Sadly, I can’t find any easy way to access the old editor while clicking an “edit” icon.
    Why isn’t listening to us?! Get rid of the Beep Beep Boop editor. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Did anyone at Word Press actually ASK any of us if we’d like a blog that we can compose from a phone or a tablet???
    Did they do marketing analysis indicating that there’s a crying need amongst a million ten year olds wanting to blog rather than Facebook or Twitter.
    I”ve not seen it.
    I ask this as earlier, it was stated that Word Press can’t be expected to abide by the wishes by a “””100 people” (although at this time, there are over 470 posts to this specific issue/thread) when thousands and thousands of others aren’t bothered.
    (Or not posting..having grown used to the shenanigans Word Press routinely pulls)
    Yet I don’t see an awful lot of people saying, “well I for one LOVE pecking out a 1200 word post on my smart phone.”

    I have pop ups blocked on my Desktop and use a keyboard. I have to, one it’s the only computer in the house, and two, physical disabilities prevent me from using something as tiny as a smart phone. I need that big wide screen and keyboard. Looks like I’ll be moving.



    short and to the point, they really don’t care what we want.

    I’ve seen time and time again.



    @gracejiyoung The link back to the “classic” edit screen is appreciated. However, it adds an extra step to the previously one-step process, and worse, it still requires going through the agonizingly slooooow B-B-B screen. Whatever is causing that screen to load so slowly absolutely must be fixed. Some of my edits today have taken less time than that screen takes to load.



    I would like to add my voice to the chorus of giving us back the old editor as the DEFAULT and if we want to use this new version, we could then click to use that. A choice – but not forcing a choice.

    I write fairly complex blogs featuring video, audio and links. I do not blog on my smart phone. I do not want to lose a working interface because some people do that.

    The old editor works fine, is efficient, does not require extra clicking to get around in the sections to edit and create posts as this new version does, and is faster. It also doesn’t use idiotic ‘beep’ messages that are just going to piss me off (sorry for the language but I’m not blogging from kindergarten).

    I like WordPress. I pay for many of the privileges it offers and one of those is that it doesn’t – thus far- treat me like an idiot. Please do not start doing that. Please do not force me to go elsewhere by messing with a working format especially with these idiotic, childish and dumbed-down interfaces.

    Sorry to be harsh, but this is a very very unpopular move from all I can see, and if continue down this path you will start losing longterm bloggers.

    I hope someone is listening!
    Thank you for respecting your users!


    I found that by going to edit one of my posts in the beep beep boop editor — for lack of a better description — at the top of the page is a line that says switch to classic editor. Click on the classic editor link and your post will be switched to the previous editor. I found the process to be streamlined. Have not seen if I have to do this each time with ever post that I edit — having to go to the beep beep boop editor — to then click on classic editor to have the editor reverted or if the reversion occurs for all posts that one desires to edit.

    Hopefully I will not have to go through the process of going through the beep beep boop editor each time to click to “classic” editor. Hopefully I will be reverted to the classic editor for good, once that I did the revert by clicking on classic editor the first time.


    I checked and I have to go through the “gate keeper” beep beep boop editor each time I want to edit the post to then be able to get the option to:

    Welcome to an easier way to create on! Missing the old editor? No worries, just switch to classic mode.

    It is not an easier way to create and edit for me on I have to go through the “gate keeper” to edit my posts. Very time consuming and an aggravation.

    Why not make the previous editor the default and give a line above that for the people who want to switch to the beep beep boop editor.

    The wording should actually BE “for a laborious process of editing your posts, you must first come to the beep beep boop editor to be able to have access an editor that makes your life easier.



    Okay, never mind, I found it. Thanks



    Why is ignoring us (its paying customers)?
    Microsoft Office Live Small Business (OLSB) website builder did the same thing to its customers a few years ago. I had OLSB for 4 years prior. For some reason, OLSB started making desperate changes too. They also ignored customers complaints about those changes (like is doing now). Eventually, all their customer’s websites were wiped, unless you had hundreds of dollars to transfer it to another site before the deadline. MOSB eventually shut down and now Microsoft is taking another shot at it via Office 365. ( appears to be doing the same thing here. Why else would they be making drastic changes without consideration to current customers? customers… If I were you, I would look into moving to another blogger site soon, as I am doing.


    I think I may have been a little harsh above. I thank you for making the option to revert the beep beep boop editor to what you describe as the old or classic editor. I write a lot of articles and having the extra space in the previous editor allows for more room to see paragraphs and context.

    If you would, PLEASE make the “old” or “classic” editor the DEFAULT editor and the beep beep boop editor as an option for individuals using smaller devises to create posts / articles or share photos, ect.

    By making the classic editor the default would serve WordPress in the long run, as the extra space for writing, creating and editing will make it easier for individuals who have poor eye sight or have other disabilities.

    Make the process easier for them, instead of harder.

    Thank you!

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