Beep Beep Boop screen is a joke. Is this a glitch?

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    1) Saving in a text editor does not work. I do not see any changes or
    saved browser page is blank.

    I’m sorry about this. I know we had an issue with changes not being saved if the editor was switched from Visual to Text. However, it has been fixed since yesterday. Can you try one more time and see if this is still the case? Sorry for the inconvenience!

    2) Planned entries are set by zone UTC. It works badly if the blog has a different time zone.

    We are aware of this and has been reported to our developers. I’ll keep you posted as I hear of updates.




    I’m with @davidderrick and @dribblingpensioner on wanting to please know how to see and understand the popular demand for the Beep Boop.

    This is a serious request. If I’m that far out of touch with a majority, I sincerely want to know, and figure out why. It might change the way I approach blogging and many other things! Thanks.



    Thanks for dealing with this deluge gracefully, Grace.

    But we’re serious …



    18 pages, primarily filled with non-useful bitching and moaning comments

    @susanbourne: no, primarily filled with valid complaints, backed by well worded arguments for *objecting* rather than “bitching” and “moaning”.



    @ovarvara: forgive the lack of clarity… cannot edit comments here…

    I was quoting Time Thief who stated her view of our “18 pages, primarily filled with non-useful bitching and moaning comments…”

    to which I replied and said I find “so unhelpful… only adds criticism to discredit those attempting to clarify.”

    my intention is/was to encourage Time Thief to be kind, not to start vilifying those here who have offered their very lengthy, specific, and constructive comments and observations.

    fuller context for my comment and many others is contained and can be found in the 18 pages many have been creating and following for days.



    1) for now it was fixes and works ok.
    2) ok, thx, i will wait.




    Yes, I use Chrome, which automatically blocks popups. I despise popups and thought everyone did. Does your team have a plan to change that to a “new tab” preview, instead of a popup? Or are you feeling that most of your clientele like popups?



    @susanbourne: ah, OK. A misunderstanding then :)



    @ztrewq: “Clearly, blogs are less and less popular. The future, according to market analysts are iPads and Androids. They think that fewer and fewer people will use a desktop to write their blog.”

    Thank you for posting this. I will try to make a point concerning it.

    If analysts are saying that people will be using handhelds to blog instead of desktop computers, perhaps that is *all* that they are saying.

    But what we are talking about in this thread is not really blogging, but the more beefy concept of Content Management, using a CMS, a Content Management System.

    Blogging may be doing short posts and checking other short posts, but Content Managing often is handling immense amounts of data, text, images, layout, diverse file types; producing complex original documents, migrating entire web sites; often during harsh deadline and budget restrictions.

    This type of more “industrial” tasks – publishing a newspaper, migrating a big but bad web site or repository or whatnot simply cannot be done acceptably with handhelds. That market may fluctuate, but it will not go away. It’s another market than the “blogging” market in the quote. I notice that many of you seem to be doing this kind of Content Management rather than simply “blogging”. WordPress is (I suspect) such a Content Management System.

    It’s possible that WordPress has misunderstood the analysts to mean that Content Management business will dwindle.

    It’s possible that WordPress therefore has decided to concentrate on blogging instead of Content Management.

    Or it’s possible that WordPress deliberately has decided to leave the CMS market and concentrate on the blogging market, “simple blogging”.

    All three alternatives resulting in WordPress withdrawing from being a CMS, reshaping into a “blogging” system instead.

    Or it’s possible that WordPress has decided to stay a CMS, and that the beepbeepboop editor is planned to eventually shape itself into a really nifty Content Management System.

    Which one of these alternatives is the true one, if any, I don’t know.





    And there is still the problem of no “publish” button after a “preview”. It changes to an “update” button. Now I have to go to the dashboard, find the post, and open the classic editor to publish the post I previewed.




    it is TimeThief who said 18 pages were filled with “bitching and moaning”

    I responded that many here — including myself — have been most specific.




    There is error when i want to add media.

    Can you please open up a new thread and provide us a few more details about the error? I’d like to troubleshoot this with you as I’ve heard of Add Media errors, but considering the length of this thread, it may take some time.

    Sorry about the inconvenience!



    Hi all,

    As requested, Jeremey has written up a list of major sticking points here:

    We will update that post in addition to the updates here.



    I hope so, because it is nowhere near complete.




    I hope you don’t mean update by just answering. The list of sticking points also needs updating.




    1. One thing I dislike about the new editor is it in the blue blog reader type screen, rather than in the dashboard, actual blog type screen. This has been said before, but in a different way.

    This is interesting. I’m just wondering, can you please explain why the blue, Reader-type screen isn’t ideal for you as opposed to the Dashboard? If it’s just a feeling that’s fine too, but was wondering if there specific things that keeps drawing you to the Dashboard.

    2. I totally agree about being able to adjust the width, not just the height of the box please. Full screen is not a viable alternative to this as it is then too big! And no access to the sidebar.

    Definitely noted and has been reported to our developers.

    3. I will want to be able to preview in a new tab like the old version, not a popup – people have popups blocked for a reason! I have made an exception for WP now, but I had to ask my husband how to do it and I am sure plenty of your users will also not be sure how to do this and may not want to take the trouble to find out. Bear in mind a lot of people are lazy or afraid of computers and just want to keep doing things the way they have been taught, many computer users are not taught how to figure things out for themselves.

    Yes this is important to note. If anyone is having issues with unblocking popups in their browser, please let me know (and the browser you’re using). I’d be more than happy to provide instructions.

    4. More buttons visible for fewer clicks and less scrolling is in general always a good rule – what happened to the rule of thumb that each click makes people give up? I want to see everything I might need and be able to click on it immediately I need it, not have to figure out/remember where it is and then click and scroll to reach it, that is always going to be tedious and frustrating!
    5. Another request for return of word count.
    6. While it loads fairly fast on my system compared to others it is still a delay I don’t want. Delay is frustrating and undesirable. I do not understand why technology does not do more to eliminate it, it seems to me that there is more delay now than there was ten years ago (not just with computers). I am not happy about this trend.

    Got it. These have all also has been reported multiple times within this thread.

    Also what is a slug? So far as I know it is a homeless snail :) And please remember that for each of us bothering to comment, or able to find where and how to comment, there are a hundred or more users who don’t bother or have no idea how to do it.

    Sorry should have clarified. The part in yellow is the slug:

    So essentially you can change that section of your posts/pages to whatever you want.



    I don’t see in Jeremy’s “New Post Editor Improvements” the “Revisions” option.



    Spellcheck, word count, proofread, and shortlink are not frills. They are necessary to writers.

    The ability to adjust and edit photographs is currently impossible. It needs to be fixed.

    PASTE AS PLAIN TEXT needs to be returned and function in ALL editors.


    The bug that removes all format spacing, even after a post has been published, should be addressed. It seems to be some kind of problem with coding attached to text that is not modified or removed as it should be. In a long post, this is disastrous.

    Loading speed is absurdly slow. Saving speed is even slower and, as you know, doesn’t necessarily even work.

    Default “save” should be “Save draft,” not “Publish immediately.” You are inviting millions of accidentally published — unfinished — posts. Most writers edit, preview, edit, preview many times before final publication. That is normal for writers. The ability to do this is essential. Again NOT a frill.

    Writers and photographers — especially those of us who do both — must be able to see the entire post without constant scrolling.

    Foolishly, I actually though you understood that we were hoping for MORE functionality, MORE formatting options, not fewer. Not to put too fine a point on it, but NOBODY is asking for reduced functionality and less viewable work space. That’s absurd and goes counter to logic and reason. Why do you not consult your users before you implement changes that make what we do harder, slower, clumsier, and less effective?




    misunderstanding then :)

    thanks, susan

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