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before i pay

  1. I want to get a blog that has my name without wordpress in it BUT only if i can install a chatroom and can use the blog i have now...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's a no go.

  3. If you have an account at a web-based chat like Hipchat, you can use a Custom Menu to link to your own chat room either in the header or in a sidebar text widget. But you don't need any upgrades to do that.

  4. At present there are no chatboxes available, I am aware of, that can be used on free hosted blogs. There is no FTP access and we cannot install a chatboard, chatboxes or forum plugins for security reasons. They are only for installs and can't be used on free hosted blogs.

  5. No, not a chatbox. I'm talking about a web-based chatroom which has a URL. It's easy to get the URL and put in a Custom Menu, as my client here does with the CoverItLive box here

  6. @raincoaster
    That's option (3) in my post.
    (3) Register a forum on the internet and then create a custom menu in your blog and include a custom link to the forum in it.

  7. I mean can i upgrade my current blog to Premium instead of making a new one. I want the paid version.

  8. I repeat there is no upgrade you can purchase from that provides the ability to gain FTP access and embed any chat forums at all. The chatboxes available on the internet cannot be used as they are are dynamic script and we cannot use JavaScript on any free hosted blogs for security reasons.

  9. There is a workaround we can use and it's (3) Register a free forum on the internet and then create a custom menu in your free hosted blog and include a custom link to the forum in it.

    Please read this comparison before you consider purchasing any upgrades vs.

  10. hm well that means i have to start over.I wish there was a import/export to save time...

  11. thanks for your time and help :)

  12. I wish there was a import/export to save time...

    You can export your content out of the free hosted blog and important them into a install. See here

  13. ok but i read and changed my mind I will get the premium upgrade for my blog insted since i don't have a host site

    sorry but it is hard for me to understand a lot of things

    you have been very nice with me

  14. Please don't just purchase a bundle unless you need all the upgrades in it. Doing that would be false economy ie. wasting money. Please see here for what the bundle contains and click each link to read what each upgrade is for:

  15. Ok thanks for the link,i will read more first :)

  16. Purchasing a pro bundle does not make one a pro blogger - that's just advertising.

    Professional Part- and Full-Timers: These bloggers represent 18% of our total group. They are independent bloggers who either use blogging as a way to supplement their income, or consider it their full-time job. Most of these professional bloggers don’t consider blogging their primary source of income. This group primarily blogs about personal musings and technology.

    It's a big decision and there's no need to make it right now. You can create and maintain a successful blog here without purchasing a single upgrade so do keep that in mind.

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