Beginner looking for help with Tarski and custom header?

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    I think this is a CSS question. I was wondering how hard it would be to accomplish a few things with the Tarski theme.

    1) I would like to get rid of the words and the space that is built in beneath the image space for the header.
    2) Is it possible to use a different size for the custom header? I would like to make it wider, and maybe just a tad deeper (say 780px wide maybe)
    3) As a follow-up to queston 2, if I make the header a bit wider, can I also make the area that you put your post in wider so it all evens out?

    I’m just getting into CSS, so I’m not even sure if what I am asking is like moving a mountain or if it is really just basic stuff. Any advice would be most appreciated though. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    Please put a link to your blog.

    Here is a answer to your question
    1. You can remove blog title by using following CSS code
    #title {

    2. Right now custom header size is fixed at 720px. but you can increase the size by CSS customization.

    3. Yes by making changes to following CSS area

    #wrapper {


    #primary {

    #secondary {


    Sorry! I”m new to this. Here is my blog

    I think I’ve decided to keep my nose out of CSS, still a bit beyond me. I have seen this theme on another site and it does just what I want

    How do they keep the big blue box out of the first post on the main page? I’ve decided that I can live with the header size.


    The big blue box is because your post is set as a “sticky” post. Unstick it and the blue background on the post title will go away.


    Thanks! Next question then, and sorry to have so many, is there any other way to keep a post at the top without that blue box?


    Also, what about the “auto generated possibly related” thing, can I make that go away as well?


    The sticky post is formatted differently from other post so that there is a distinction. In some themes, the title may be a different color or have a different colored background, while in others the entire post will have a difference background color. To remove the blue back ground would require dipping into the CSS.

    Since you have the CSS upgrade, delete everything from the CSS edit window and paste the following into that window:

    `.sticky .post-title{

    Make sure that “add to existing…” is selected and then click “save stylesheet.” Set the post back to sticky and then take a look at the blog.

    For the possibly related posts, go to appearance > extras and you can turn it off there.


    The changes you want to make to Tarski aren’t that difficult. Let me know if you want to make them and I’ll spot you the code and what to do.


    The “words” below the header are the links to your pages. If you get rid of those, then you will have to use the pages widget in your sidebar.


    Thanks for all of your help, it is really appreciated. I had not yet purchased the upgrade so I could change CSS, I was just playing with it through the viewer. I’m going to hold off for now, at least until I get a little better handle on CSS. Your offer to spot me the code is most generous. I guess we can call this one solved for now. It looks like I need to spend some time just studying the basics of blogging!


    You’re welcome.

    Copy the following out and into a plain text file and save it. I think it does everything you want it to do.

    What you would do for the wider header, is to upload it to the media library, get the URL of that uploaded image, and then put it between the parentheses under the #header-image section in the background declaration.

    You can even try this out using the CSS edit preview function if you wish.

    #wrapper {
    width: 780px;
    #header-image {
    background: white url() no-repeat;
    #navigation {
    #nav-1 {
    #primary {
    width: 520px;
    #content {
    padding: 0 20px;
    .feed {

    BTW, I just went 780px wide, which is what you wanted, but the theme right now is 760px wide, so that isn’t much of a change. It might not be worth the $$ for just 20px.


    In regards to editing a header, I was wondering if you can add a link to it as well. Is there a place I can drop in the to make the header link to an external site? Thanks!

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