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Beginner needs general help on uploading, etc

  1. I am a brand new blogger and extremely confused. I have posted three postings but only one, the most recent (Patagonia) is easily accessible. I would like all my posts to be visible on one page, I think (for the moment at least). Also how do I upload pix to my blog. My Patagonia post has a link at the end but I would like to display the photo, not just a link to it.
    I find WordPress help rather technical, there doesn't be a good intro for beginners beyond the extreme basics, I bought Peachpit Press's WordPress 2 but it is also rather technical and doesn't answer my questions (its section on uploading doesn't help me at all).



    The blog I need help with is

  2. You've got the wrong impression of WordPress, it's really easy you just need to get used to it.
    There also is a great support section on here:
    Also there are video tuts here:

    To change the posts on one page go to your dashboard => settings => reading
    To upload a picture please look here:

    - Lora

  3. Please ALWAYS give us a link to your blog, starting with http, so we can help you. We can't begin to find it and give you pointers that work for your blog in a world with 100,000,000 blogs unless you give us that.

  4. Thanks, Lora, it's late here in London so will look at your suggestions tomorrow. Actually I have looked at the the uploading help that you mentioned and it didn't solve my problem but will take a further look at it tomorrow. Meanwhile, what's a tut? A clip I suppose but is tut a special kind of clip??!!


  5. Raincoaster, my blog is here:

    I thought I gave it in my first post (it appeared automatically in a special box), if it's not visible that's another thing I don't understand...

  6. Then you need to read that link I gave you. It will explain how to link your name to your blog, among other basics.

    Also, try reading this:

    and the blog is also useful for beginners.

  7. I have linked my name to my blog and had another go at uploading the photo (which is on my desktop). There are now three copies of it on my blog for some reason, right at the bottom of the page, as well as the rather curious link to the photo above which I would like to get rid of. Maybe I'm a bit dim but I do find WP rather hard work and the Help not particularly helpful...

  8. I also can't add tags to postings I have already published, why not? I find WP awfully opaque...

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