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  1. Is there anything anywhere that has step-by-step instructions for a beginner? A lot of this information is way over my head.

  2. Perhaps these will help
    (1) There are 4 beginner's tubetorials here - introduction, posting, editing, presentation.
    (2) features page is very useful too.
    (4) This is the link to the FAQs blog and there's a search box you can use there.
    (5) The forum search box is also a treasure trove full of information and it's going to become your friend in no time at all. ;)
    (6) Please read me first before posting is a sticky at the head of the forum that clearly outlines the comparison of and services.
    (7) The tags page will help you find others blogging on the same subjects and using the same category tags. The "tag surfer" and "my comments" tabs on your dashboard will also help you locate bloggers with similar interests.
    (8) And for tips and tricks pertaining to how to promote your blog be sure to visit here.

    adsense & advertising
    another username
    blog review checklist
    blogrolls, links, categories
    edit theme
    first blog
    google analytics
    image in text widget
    importing a blog
    javascript, iframes, embeds, flash
    multiple authors in group blogs
    the more tag for long posts
    support via feedback and email

  3. Thank you timethief,your response is helpful.

  4. You're welcome. I can see that a lot of new bloggers are using this post and that makes me smile. :)

  5. Dear timethief, amazed by your prompt response. Very good for me to explore further. Appreciate very much to guide me to new adventure in blogging.

  6. You're welcome and happy blogging to you. :)

  7. Another "thank you" note for Timethief. I've bookmarked this page in anticipation of a fun couple of weeks of pretending to be a coder.

  8. Thanks for the thanks and happy blogging. :)

  9. <s>(3) drmike our forum Moderator has a sticky on basic FAQs at the head of the forum.</s>

  10. uh... cronies, drmike is not a moderator any more...

  11. @trent
    Could you please edit out point 3 above as it no longer applies?

  12. uh... cronies, drmike is not a moderator any more...

    That's why I <s> it. ;)

  13. man.... sorry, I didn't read point three... cronies was just making reference to it.

  14. Thank You Thank You
    Bookmarked and will be spending allot of time here!!

  15. Thanks for saying thanks. You're welcome. :)

  16. tt is very good with short timers :)

  17. {blush} Thanks :)

  18. thnksss

  19. The links here are to a blog that has been deleted. If you click one and cannot locate the entry you want then click on my username instead and you will arrive in my new blog where I'm updating the former posts.

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