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Beginner's Help Needed - Pages, Widgets, Tags, Categories

  1. Hi there, I'm sure someone can help me out. I'm a beginner at WordPress and I'm already having difficulty. I've set up a registered and set up a blog, and written three posts, which I've both categorised and tags. I've added the categories and tag-cloud widgets to the side-bar of my blog (in theme Twenty Twelve). And I've also added a new page (in addition to the 'Home' and 'About' default pages. My difficulties begin here:

    (1) In the side-bar menu for categories, none of my categories show up. There's a drop-down menu, but no options within it. Yet I've created two custom categories, and categorized my posts.

    (2) Nothing appears under the tag cloud. Yet I've created two or three custom tags, and tagged my posts.

    (3) I don't see my new page - it doesn't appear on the top menu, only 'Home' and 'About'. I can see it if I go into the dashboard and look at all pages, but not on the actual blog. In the dashboard, by the way, I don't see 'Home' under 'All Pages'.

    I'd be hugely grateful for any help!
    Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. PS - my blog is set to private (I set it up as a journal). But given I haven't written much yet, and nothing too personal, I'd be happy to temporarily make it public if it would help people to help me. Thanks

  3. (1) until you actually publish a post in each category there is no data that can be displayed by a categories widget or on the dynamic categories pages.

    (2) The Tags cloud widget display the top 45 tags you have signed to published posts. See (1).

    (3) Dashboard > Pages > All Pages > Add New

    Please consider using the step by step tutorial Staff have linked to the bottom of your Admin page at and know that the blog visibility is private so we Volunteers cannot see what you refer to.

  4. Hopefully you are aware of the differences between Pages (for static content that rarely changes), have no RSS feeds and are not attractive to search engines and Posts. It's Posts that have RSS Feeds and it's frequent publication of Posts, not Pages that attracts search engine attention.

  5. Thanks for the swift response timethief. I genuinely appreciate your attempt to help.
    However maybe my post to the forum wasn't as clear as I'd liked, as you seem to have misunderstood it. As I said:
    (1) I have already published three posts, and both categorized and tagged them.
    (2) No, the Tags cloud doesn't display any tags at all, despite (1).
    (3) I've already added a new page. I shows up in my dashboard. It doesn't show up on the blog. I understand the difference between a page and post.
    (4) I set up my blog to be a private journal - which is why you can't see it. However I'm going to make it public for a short while because I do really appreciate the help from you and others.
    (5) I've been through the step-by-step tutorial. It's great, but doesn't answer my problem.

  6. I'm sorry I overlooked what you said above about already having published posts. I apologize. I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  7. I've already added a new page. I shows up in my dashboard. It doesn't show up on the blog.

    Just to be sure the posts and the page you refer to are not set to private refer to:
    post visibility
    page visibility

    If you created a custom menu and failed to add the page then see here:

  8. I've just made the blog and the posts visible to all - I hope that makes it easier to see what's going on in response to the difficulties I'm having. Again, thanks in advance for taking the time to help.

  9. Further update: when I made the blog public, the tags and categories widgets now work. I'm going to investigate further to see whether there's some combination of settings that allows me to keep posts private but still allows these to work. If anyone knows, please do let me know! Thanks.

  10. when I made the blog public, the tags and categories widgets now work.

    No: this makes no difference. You had obviously turned the blog as well as the posts to private. Categories and tags won't show in the widgets if the posts are private - and a page won't show in the menu if the page is private. You turn a post or a page to private only when the blog is public: when the whole blog is private, there's no point turning each individual post and page to private too.

  11. @justpi
    Thanks for the confirmation. That was my guess too and it's why I posted "Just to be sure the posts and the page you refer to are not set to private refer to ... " above.

  12. Thanks justpi, timethief. That's probably answered it.
    I'll re-set the blog to private but leave the posts and pages as public - I expect that will work and I can them mark this as "resolved".
    Thanks again for your help.

  13. You're welcome and best wishes for happy blogging.

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