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    Maybe this is stupid, but this is my first time, so would anyone help me on this:
    I want to install Plugins, but my Administration Page header didn’t show any Plugins link. There’s only these: Dashboard, Write, Manage, Links, Presentations, users, Options.
    where can I add my plugin HTML tag?



    Individuals aren’t allowed to install their own plugins. There is a feedback button in the administration area of your blog that you should use to contact the admins. Request the plugin, and when there is enough demand and it can be ported to this version (Mu) of WordPress, they will install the plugin.



    that goes for themes as well. if the demand is up, matt et al may decide to offer whatever is being requested.



    Note to matt. Suggestion, in he last week or so this forum has been inundated with new bloggers (a very good thing) and many of them have questions relating to adding plugins or other functions that require accessing template files or core code.

    It would help the new people a great deal, and be better in a public relations sense, if on the home page and as a “sticky” here if more info was available on this subject.



    this is my third try to reply. something wrong with the forum. I click “Send”, but my reply was never been posted.

    anyway, this is my answer:
    I thought installing plugins is as simple as inserting html into the page (at least that’s what I thought happened in blogspot). I have this html for showing a clock, but I can’t find the “edit html” option.



    You cannot currently edit any HTML in your themes.



    Can I just second what Marc said? The fact that users a) cannot edit or upload themes and b) cannot install plugins needs to be mentioned in a sticky post. At the very least, we need a prominent link to the FAQ (who knows? people might actually find it and read it.)

    Otherwise, rather than continuing to spell out the situation to each individual user, I am just going to start spamming all of these queries with links to, which will get very boring very quickly, after which I am guessing I will ignore them.



    I see. too bad, though. because I chose WP because its “clean” look.




    we need a way to customise and add in codes to our template pages!!!! otherwise it’s really great because there are already so many in-built features!



    Quote: “Request the plugin, and when there is enough demand and it can be ported to this version (Mu) of WordPress, they will install the plugin.”

    If I understand well, there should be some plugins already installed. How do we manage those? How do we know which are implemented? I don’t see any tab where i can manage the ones that are implemented…

    Thanks for your help



    That’s because they haven’t installed any plugins here yet. When they do, I’m sure there’ll be a big announcement.



    This is one of the reasons why I’m doing this.



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