Beginners questions about layout changes.

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    I am sure some of these questions have been answerd somewhere, but as I am quite new to WordPress I am not even sure what kind of terminology to search for. So bear with me.

    I have setup a test site so far. For learning and tweaking and testing. And getting close to how I want it. But there are a few issues.

    I use WordPress 2.7 with K2 template and a norwegian translation.

    1. How can I push the right colum down so it aligns with the left main content?
    2. How can I remove the blue border that comes up around the images that are links?
    3. Can I ad more space between the posts? They are to cramped.
    4. Under the post heading it says: Publisert av admin07/01/2009. How can I ad space between admin and the date.

    I can get help with these I am pretty sure I can figure out a lot more on my own!

    Thanks for any help!



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    Whoops! Thanks!


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