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  1. I am just trying to get started and set up my account and profile but can't get to anything else to create my theme, etc. What do I do?

  2. if you have a blog you don't have to create a theme. you can do so if you have a self-hosted wp blog or you can download the free wp themes. if you're self-hosted, you should post your query here

  3. Thanks, can't download the free wp themes, should I have a blue admin bar, seems like others are chatting this morning about how that is missing. Is the blue admin bar missing my problem?

  4. is your blog hosted on We can't tell, because you haven't linked your username to it.

    If you are a user, you should have the blue admin bar across the top of your screen when logged in. If you are self-hosted, you need to head over to the site that sulz suggested.

  5. Hosted on, but the blue admin bar is not showing up. Any thoughts?

  6. Are you getting a white bar instead?

    What browser and browser version are you using?

  7. You are logged in?

  8. I am logged in, using AOL, it is not a white bar, blue and only says
    Dashboard Profiles Upgrades

  9. Does it say "Global Dashboard"?

  10. It says Global Dashboard above these 3 words: Dashboard Profiles Upgrades

  11. hmmm.?

  12. The Global Dashboard is for users without a blog. Did you claim a blog when you initially signed up?

  13. That's what you see when you have an account only, not a blog as well. And isn't a taken blog either.

    My guess is that you signed up for an account only. Please revisit the main page and click on the link that says "Claim a blog."

  14. You are so right, big thanks to you. So now I have my blog!!! How do I get info on me on the side?

  15. It depends what template you're using. Some of them have an About page built in, and that's where the info should go. For others, you put the info into a text widget and put that in your sidebar. You can find the widgets under Dashboard ---> Presentation ---> Widgets. Set the number of text widgets you want (you don't have to use them all) and then click on one and put the text you want inside it. Drag that to the position in the sidebar that you want.

  16. invisibleobject

    Hi i just signed up today but cannot access my blog. I just get the global dashboard not my admin bar. any ideas?

  17. Thanks raincoaster, did it!

    invisibleobject - I followed info from drmike above and it worked!

  18. @Invisibleobject
    I think your best idea is to read the posts above yours. If you have a global dashboard then you only signed up for a user name and need to get a blog. Also the blog name you cite above has not yet been claimed. Please revisit the main page and click on the link that says "Claim a blog"

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