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beginning again

  1. I think I need to start all over. my goal is to use the site to write, in general. I thought I could make a 'guide' that could reflect my interest. ie, I write for a newspaper, and would like to refer readers to that site. I write about and follow some blues bands and such, and would like to have a separate page for that. I am a nurse and would like to develop a page for health issues. I am tired of FaceBook and want to use that social network to "ping' off stories and articles when i get them published in different venues.
    I have a terrible time loading up photos and need to sit down and work it all out. I have a friend who may sit down and help me a little as she is more computer savvy. I would like to 'publish 'from my blog and send things to different freelance web magazines, etc. wanda

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think you need to do two things. First, learn how to use the site, and for that you'd do well to read the guide:

    Then (or now), if you want to 'start all over' (by which, I assume you mean you want to delete the content that is currently there and start afresh), you can read this:

  3. Thankyou. True, it has been hit or miss. I jump ahead in so many things. One reason I want to write more. It is cleansing.

  4. You're welcome. Good luck.

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