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Beginning the process of moving to self-hosting

  1. plasticdaffodils

    Quite a few of my friends ask me why I'm not self-hosting my blog, which has gotten a lot of traffic for its relatively short life (almost at 500,000 hits after about nine months of regular blogging) and the answer is that it would cost me more time and money to self-host it than I would get for ad money. Unless you are getting more than 10,000 unique hits a day, I don't think it's worth it. Eventually if my blog matures to that level, I might think about it, but I don't really want it to become about ads. I do have a Zazzle store and I've made enough money to basically pay for the basic blog costs, like a unique url, but don't expect to make a lot of money from it (Zazzle takes about 90% of the profits, depending on how you set your prices).

    I think what people are trying to warn you of is don't go too deep too fast. A lot of people get blog fatigue after a few months or they just get discouraged when they don't see the results they want after years of work, so be careful with what you invest until you see where it takes you. It doesn't hurt to try and if you have the time and money to invest in it now, more power to you, just make sure you manage your expectations.

    I'll be really interested to see how your blog develops down the road though, good luck!

  2. I'm not surprised you get over 500,000 hits. I love your blog and would love to know your secret.

    I think everyone is offering good advice. Don't get me wrong.

    The thing is, for me, I'm a bit of a control freak and somewhat of a perfectionist, so not being able to build my blog the way I really want to has always bugged me. Yes, content is king and always will be, but inside I don't feel like it's being presented the way I truly want.

    Also, people say that one of the benefits I'll be missing out on is being featured in the global tag pages. Well, I've gotten a whopping 5 hits from those pages since I started the blog in October. 98% of my followers are a result of me reading and commenting on their blogs and developing organic relationships - something that isn't going to change once I self host.

    I'm not going into this expecting to become a zillionaire overnight. I will tell you that I am highly jaded with my current line of work and find great comfort and peace writing my blog and would love to be able to eventually make it my career.

    I'm only putting forth minimal costs to get the move done which isn't going to bust my bank account. So, we'll see. Hopefully people will continue to follow my blog and I can give people a few minutes of laughter whether here or there.

  3. Yeah, Global Tag Pages haven't been worth the bother for about a year, ever since they were made NoFollow links...meaning the SEO benefit was negligible.

  4. @raincoaster

  5. plasticdaffodils

    Well, I think your blog is already off to a great start, and if you really enjoy it that's what counts the most. I'm glad to hear the process of transitioning your blog was an easy one. When I looked into it I was a little intimidated. And I can see how you might want a more customizable blog with the way yours is set-up, mine is simple enough that it doesn't matter that much. You'll have to keep us updated with how you like it! You'll have to break out the iron again though since WordPress can't Freshly Press you!

  6. I'm not planning on officially moving it until late March or early April. Still setting it up the way I want and need to give my followers ample time to prepare.

    Till then it will be business as usual just with a lot more late nights.

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