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    This is not urgent.

    I’d like to know how top rated widget counts user’s interaction. Is it IP based or cookie based? Do we have any control over how it could be setup? I had this widget enabled for sometime but it was letting people record multiple stars/thumbs up (or so it seemed). Wasn’t satisfied with the results so I have turned it off until I could see the details. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is


    Top rated is cookie based.

    Only thing you can do is set it for the top of bottom of the page/post.



    @ismailimail the ratings currently work off of cookies. You can control how the ratings look and where they appear on the page. If you have any other question please let me know.




    Thanks. Is the cookie timed, or can anyone game any posts with multiple votes? (besides using separate browsers which I know).

    Any word on no links showing up under Pages section of the widget? I have disabled it on my site for some days now, I’d like to try again.

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