being able to only see a portion of the post on the home page

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    When my blogs are posted, the reader is able to see the whole post on the website however I think it looks a little overwhelming and a bit confusing.
    Is there a way where I can show only a small portion of information (only beginning of the post) at one time, so they have to click on the post to read the whole post; rather, than being able to read the whole post from the home page?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    Surely, you can create excerpts using the information in this support guide:

    You can either use more tag or excerpts. Excerpts are theme dependent though.

    Give it a try and feel free to ask if something is still not clear :)


    You can use More Tag:

    Your theme, Baskerville, isn’t showing excerpts, as I found by testing it. But More Tag does what you want.



    Thank you so much for your help! I am changing my posts to ” more tag” now! In your experience, do you think readers like excerpts better than More Tag? Does it make a difference?

    Also, do you know if people who follow me get an email notification every time I update something on a previously published post?

    Thank you!


    With More Tag, you can only display only beginning excerpts of your posts.

    Excerpts can be any predefined text that is not necessarily the beginning excerpt of your post.

    More Tag or excerpts is your preference.

    It is difficult to guess what our readers like more. So I don’t know which is better.

    Your readers get email notification only the first time you publish a new post. Any subsequent edits won’t be emailed to your followers.

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